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It is no surprise that social media has changed the face of digital marketing, or marketing overall for that matter. The transition is so smooth that the line between traditional and digital marketing has been off-set and a great many companies are finally accepting the fact that to win in marketing they ought to have a solid digital and that strategy should probably include using social media.

Digital Marketing trends

Following are my top 7 predictions for digital marketing trends in 2015.

  1. Email marketing will need to become smarter.
  2. Brands that succeed at being human will win.
  3. Content marketing will (finally) become about true value.
  4. We’ll begin to see a decrease in the number of online marketing strategies businesses employ.
  5. Brands who use social primarily for “pushing” sales will die out.
  6. “Mobile-first” will replace “mobile-friendly”.
  7. Content marketing will become integrated company-wide.

Courtesy – 7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015


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