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15 Ways to Efficient Time Management

15 Ways to Efficient Time Management
15 Ways to Efficient Time Management How to stop procrastination and get things done on time? Stop being a perfectionist Break your task down to lessen the sense of being overwhelmed Set specific deadline for your task Eliminate distractions around you Create a stress free work environment Ask for help to handle the challenges that stop you from getting started Remind yourself of the end goal Tell others about your goal Have positive thinking Here is an excellent Infographic on “15 Ways to Manage Your Time Wisely” created by  Donna A. Norton, Writer and Blogger that talks about good and wise time management.   These time management techniques can boost your efficiency and shorten your to-do-list 1. The POMODORO technique Create periods of intense focus and reduce procrastination Choose a task that deserves your complete attention Set a timer for 25 minutes Work on the task-uninterrupted-until the timer rings. Put a check mark on a piece of paper Take a five minute break Set the timer for another 25 minutes, again putting a check mark on a piece of paper. Record how many intervals it takes you to complete certain tasks When you complete four intervals, take a longer break of 20–30 minutes Repeat until you finish your task Very Practical and Workable Time Management Techniques 2. Eat that Frog 3. The Action Method...
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