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HR Selection Process

HR Selection Process and Techniques


Following the process of recruitment is selection, where the management has to select the right employees at the right time.

The intention is to choose appropriate candidates for the unfilled spots and to avoid commitments to those whom the management thinks will not work well. The best qualified individuals from the pool find their place whose qualifications match the job specifications.


What is the Selection Process in Human Resource Management?

Selection process depends upon the

· Size of the company

· Nature of the business

· Kind and Number of persons to be employed

· Government regulations to be followed etc.

HR selection process


The process includes

1. Collection of data about the candidate’s qualification

2. Experience

3. Physical and mental ability

4. Nature and Behavior

5. Aptitude and the like


Steps in Scientific Selection Process:

A. Job Analysis: This is the basic step for finding the right candidate and each organization should lay down job analysis, job description and job specification with clarity in order to lure the right candidates for selection.

B. Recruitment: Process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization.

C. Application Form: This is also known as the application blank. This facilitates collecting detailed information from the prospective employees regarding their age, gender, family details, qualification, skills, experience, achievements etc. This is widely used to screen employees at the preliminary level.

D. Written Examinations: are conducted to gauge the

· Mathematical ability

· Aptitude

· Reasoning

· Knowledge in various disciplines

· General Knowledge and

· English language abilities of the candidates.

E. Preliminary Interview: This is suitable to eliminate the undesirable and unsuitable candidates and also to gather personal information from the candidates on a one to one basis.

F. Group Discussion: Group discussions help the management to pick out bright candidates from among the group members and also the ability of each individual to adjust to the group. Each group is expected to analyze, interpret and find alternate solutions and select the best solution for a particular case study or subject matter.

G. Tests: To further assess the skills of the employees the management conducts different kinds of tests.

H. Final Interview: This is the most essential step in the process of selection. The interviewer matches the information obtained about the candidate through the application with that of his own observation and questioning.

· Informal

· Formal

· Planned

· Patterned

· Non-Directive

· Depth

· Stress

· Group and

· Panel interviews are some of the types of interviews conducted in accordance with the job requirement.

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I. Medical Examination: Certain jobs require certain physical qualities like clear vision, perfect hearing, unusual stamina, tolerance of hard working conditions, clear tone etc.

J. Reference Checks: The personnel department will engage in checking reference if the candidate passes all the tests and found suitable for the job.

What kind of Companies the Employees are Attracted to – Here is an interesting infographic on

“How to Attract the Perfect Employee”

How to attract the perfect employee


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