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Objectives of Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Objectives of Coaching:

The main purpose of coaching is to develop the employee as an effective perfomer. It involves the following:

1) Helping him to realise his potential as a manager.

2) Helping him to understand himself – his strengths and his weaknesses.

3) Providing him an opportunity to acquire more insight into his behaviour, and analyse the dynamics of such behaviour.

4) Helping him to have better understanding of the environment.

5) Increasing his personal and inter-personal effectiveness through effective feedback.

6) Encouraging him to set goals for further improvement.

7) Encouraging him to generate alternatives for dealing with his problems and prepare an action plan.

8) Helping him to review in a non-threatening way his progress in achieving various objectives.

9) Providing empathetic atmosphere for sharing and discussing his tensions, conflicts, concerns and problems. 

coaching and mentoring

Objectives of Mentoring:

The main purpose of mentoring is to provide opportunity to young people to share their concerns and get both moral support and guidance for their development. It involves the following :

1) Establishing a relationship of trust

2) Modeling beahviorual norms for the young person

3) Listening to the person’s concerns and problems

4) Helping him to search alternative solutions for the problems

5) Sharing own relevant experiences

6) Responding to his emotional needs, without making him depend on the mentor

7) Developing long-lasting, personal, and informal relationship.

Here is a great infographic that will help you to spot the differences between coaching and mentoring:

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