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Scope of Management

Scope of  Management

  • Management determines the very survival of the organization
  • Management concepts are applied in both business and non-business organizations
  • In countries like USA the demand for management consultants is widespread and they have more clients from

1)      Government

2)      Hospitals

3)      Universities

4)      Schools

5)      Professional associations

6)      Community agencies etc.


In India it is sad to see that only graduates coming out of reputed business schools being placed in the cream of positions by the corporates and others who pass out from the so called second grade institutes struggling to ground themselves.

Many institutes offer management courses in the undergraduate and graduate levels for name sake, fail to implant the core purpose and perspective of the concepts of management in the minds of individuals.

Also lack of expert faculty who have wide exposure and industry experience make the course dull and lifeless.

scope of management


Coming back,

  • Management is said to be “Universal” and applied to all the organizations of the society, whether it is large or small, profit making or non-profit making, and a manufacturing or service enterprise
  • Managing is the key social function and management is the effective, integrative,constitutive, determining, and differential organ of the society
  • Management is the organ of leadership, direction and decision in a business enterprise and responsible for producing the results
  • Management has evolved as the most lucrative academic discipline by itself offering huge scope for the graduates to perform and excel  as teachers. Management faculty are in great demand all over the world and are as well compensated for their services.
  • New disciplines of management like Public Health, Health care, Information Technology, Labor management are gaining importance
  • Effective management is aimed at improved productivity ( efficient people produce effective results-so ‘RIGHT PEOPLE FOR THE RIGHT JOB’ becomes essential)


Scope of Project Management


Pic Courtesy: Coschedule

The society has various facets like government, suppliers, local community, competitors, unions, stock-holders, customers etc.

The manager is the spokesperson in-charge of negotiating and spending much of his time to predict and influence the future environment and take pro-active measures. This is the managerial function relating to the environment.


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