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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Form a clear plan as to what’s your brand’s purpose, what are the brand values, who is your brand for, how it is different from other brands and your vision.

This brand definition and content strategy will give you a clear idea on the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media in order to increase and retain your followers count as well


DO keep your branding consistent across all of your social media channels.

DO keep your messaging consistent to keep your followers interested.

DO make use of social media advertising

DO share valuable content that is relevant with your business and in line with your objectives.

DO set clear goals and objectives & analyze activity.

MAKE sure your posts are funny and engaging.

MAKE sure to include relevant hashtags to help increase post reach.

MAKE sure to respond to comments and questions – spend 15 to 30 minutes after posting responding and continue the conversation.

Start posting with purpose – content strategy is important.

Do's and Don'ts of Social Media


DON’T overdo it. 46% of social media followers will unfollow a brand for posting too many promotional messages.

DON’T use engagement bait tactics.

DON’T use all social media platforms for the sake of it – Know your audience.

DON’T get hungry up on numbers. The real value of social media is found in the amount of engagement you’re receiving and the type of people you’re receiving it from. Focus on these figures instead.

DON’T post too often or you’ll annoy your followers.

DON’T post something that’s not valuable, engaging or funny.

DON’T include irrelevant hashtags or too many hashtags.

DON’T forget to post regularly or you’ll lose your followers’ interest.

DON’T display a bad attitude online – people will not respond well.

DON’T be too salesy – engagement with your potential customer before you start selling.

DON’T forget to thank people – if they take the time to share your content.

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