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10 Marketing and Sales Psychology Tips

Sales occur only when you effectively influence buyers’ thoughts, emotions, logical reasoning, and decision-making processes.

18 % of the sales fail in the last step. Only 2% of the sales happen at the first meeting meaning remaining 98% of the sales occur once the buyer has built up certain level of trust in the seller.

Nobody will buy anything if the person trying to sell doesn’t believe in their product. Confident salespeople are successful for a reason. Buyers need to be convinced. Show them how your solution will help them achieve their desired outcome.

Tip #1

Instead of waking up thinking, “I need to close X sales”, you should think, “I need to find X people I can help today.” Feel the difference?

Tip #2

It is harder for humans to make choices if we’re presented with too many options. A study found that while more variety draws us in, it fails to convert interests into purchases. So be careful, don’t overwhelm your customers.

Don't overwhelm your customers by presenting them with too many options to choose from.

Tip #3

Creating the fear of ” missing out on a great opportunity” among customers is an oldest and still working trick to increase your sales.

Creating a fear in customer's mind that they might be losing a great opportunity by not buying your product.

Tip #4

For luxury brands, ruder the sales staff, the higher the sales.

Luxury brands sell faster when the staff are rude. Did I hear it right!

Tip #5

Some products lose their buying value if they are put on a discount or an offer. They have an upward sloping demand curve & are mostly looked upon as status symbol. These are called Veblen goods and this psychological effects is called the veblen effect.

Tip #6

Drinking coffee before shopping results in spree buying. Infact caffeinated drinks trigger “energetic arousal” in us and increase purchase intentions for hedonic products such as buttery, salty popcorn, chocolate candy and luxury vacation.

Well, see to it a coffee shop is nearby your store. Or offer good coffee to your customers bearing this tip in mind!

Tip #7

More than 50% of the consumers will enter a store that has a “Sale” sign.

A sale sign board says it all.

Tip #8

60% are more likely to buy if the word “guaranteed” is associated with their purchase.

Tip #9

90% of people said positive online reviews influenced them to buy.25% are more likely to buy if they received follow up information on a product.

Tip #10

Customers like “consistency” but they also like surprises. Majority of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with good cause.

5 ways to boost new product sales.

Dont sell logic, sell emotions and desires

Dont let your prospect lead the conversation. Push emotional triggers and find out where it hurts. Use powerful words and build massive certainty in customer’s mind