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Social Media Post Templates

Social media branding and marketing are undoubtedly the foundations of your business growth. Without which you have no identity nor proof to substantiate your product / service.

Planning, creating, scheduling and posting are the big tasks that are an integral part of social media marketing. You need to create content to cater your audience, post at the right times to reach them, in order to generate leads.

Social media post templates for  branding and marketing.

What if there is a set template for each one of this task? All you have to do is ‘fill in the blanks.’ Won’t it be amazing?

Keeping this in mind, Managementguru has come out with a Social Media Bundle with ready to use social media posts. Professionally designed templates aid you in guaranteed engagement and at the same time boost your online presence.

What are the special features in this bundle?

The social media planner includes

  • Social Media Tracker
  • Post Planner & Weekly Planner
  • Social Media Analysis Planner
  • Content Planners for 12 Months and
  • Montly Evaluation

The good thing is ‘Buy Once and Use it Forever.’ These are planner printables that can be downloaded and printed at the ease of your time.

We like to be little old fashioned when it comes to Planner Printables, in that, it is always better to have your notes hand-written in an organized manner and filed accordingly.

You can also mix and match the planners to create a planner book of your choice.

With our 50 Content Ideas for Social Media, you’ll never run out of inspiration again. The planners included in the bundle are also available individually. But you get to enjoy a whopping 55% discount when you purchase the bundle.

Restaurant Owners, Foodies + Influencers, Private Chefs, Catering Companies and Food Bloggers will find the following 30 instagram templates very enterprising and tasteful. You can edit and customize these Canva designs so they would fit your style!

All these templates are designed not only for food/lifestyle/fashion/fitness bloggers but for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts too.

Promote your skill if you are a consultant or coach, promote your product if you are a business owner, promote your service if you are a freelancer through these resourceful templates. And we can customize templates to match your requirements. You need to contact us through the contact us button available at the top of the page. That’s all.

If you need an out and out food template planner, go for our 25 Instagram Templates for your food business. People who sell bakery items and beverages like cup cakes, doughnuts, pizza, cookies, coffee, vegan food will find these pre made templates immensely useful.

Drive traffic to your YouTube channel with these professional and fully editable “Make Money YouTube Thumbnail Templates.”

Youtube promotion is the most effective and reliable source of social media marketing. People love to watch videos of different kind and the hook lies in the thumbnail. We have created premade, catchy thumbnails that are perfect for online business coaches, Financial advisors, life coaches, and money vloggers, just to name a few.

Next comes the Aesthetic Instagram Story Icons for Spa owners / Skincare/ Fashion bloggers We need not highlight the importance of Instagram marketing as we all know that Insta pages are the ‘lead generation hooks.’

If you don’t own a Instagram page, you are losing volumes of business. Lately, Instagram is allowing us to include 5 links in the profile page.

Instagram stories are magnificient in their performance. So there is a need for us to include appropriate and attractive icons for your story covers in the ‘Highlights Section.’

From our experience, Instagram and Facebook lead the marketing world taking the lion’s share. It is wise to spend your hard earned money on these platforms to acquire the desired results. Plus, they give insights in the form of metrics that help you know which of your posts are doing better in terms of engagement and reach.

As mentioned earlier, you can download these products as separate entities or enjoy all ‘6 in 1 bundle’ listed at the top.

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Note: When you download our products, don’t forget to leave your ratings and honest review.