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Instagram Algorithm for 2024

I would like to list 7 key metrics for you to understand how Instagram algorithm has changed and how it works now in 2024. This will help you in focusing on what needs to be done with some clarity. Lets go.

Hashtags ruled the kingdom, but now…

I know we all went bald in an effort to catch hold of the right hashtags to take our posts/content in front of the right audience. But now hashtags take a back seat – while still they play a pivotal role in reaching the target audience , you need not scramble for 30 hashtags. Instagram advises creators to use between 3-5 hashtags on their posts. A later study has revealed that the highest count need not surpass 20.

Captions weren’t crucial but now…

Engaging captions are very important when it comes to Instagram as they increase interactions and are your key to discoverability. A strong caption will lure your audience compelling them to look what you have to offer in your reel / story/post. Negative captions sometimes work best for you.

2024 Instagram algorithm updates.

SEO had minimal impact but now…

SEO keywords are growth game changers. The better your SEO game, the better the algorithm matches users’ queries with your content.

One-type content was popular, but now…

Using multiple content formats like reels, stories, carousel posts, live intreactions make people want more of your stuff. You have to make them feel your personal/business brand’s presence consistently yet subtly.

Collaborations fell flat but now…

Collaborations or Brand partenerships are the vibe of the day. If you are able to pitch your request for sponsorship bang-on, you are a winner. It all boils down how you have structured your Instagram account, your niche and follower count. Sometimes “follower count factor” becomes completely nullified if you have amazing skills that the sponsor needs.

Best time to post on Instagram 2024

Follower count was the obsession but now…

Community engagement is the new focus. You must be able to keep the visitors in your channel /page longer. For this to happen, you should have friendly chit chat with your followers, DM to their queries immediately, even visit their accounts and show your appreciation in return.

Likes were the growth metric, but now…

Saves and shares are the KPI’s when you want to gauge the success of your work on Instagram. The more your content is saved and shared the more is your reach. The ROI is practically measurable in this platform through the insights.

How to “Beat” the Instagram Algorithm in 2024

#1: Consistently Share Instagram Reels

#2: Encourage More Interactions with Instagram Stories Stickers

#3: Drive Conversations with Engaging Captions

#4: Add Hashtags and Keywords to Your Posts

#5: Ask Followers To Add You to Their Favorites Feed

#6: Cross-promote Your Instagram Content

#7: Use Instagram Analytics to See What’s Working