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Growing Your Instagram to 100k Followers in 2024: A Strategic Roadmap

In the dynamic world of social media, Instagram continues to be a powerhouse with 2 billion active monthly users as of late 2023.

As easy as the idea might sound, it sure needs a strategic approach backed up by information related to the latest platform trends and user behaviors.

Growing Your Instagram to 100k Followers in 2024.

Understanding the Landscape 

Instagram is the third most-used social platform globally, with users hooked to Reels, which account for 20% of in-app activity. With only 0.1% of users exclusive to Instagram, cross-platform promotion is essential.

Content is King 

Quality content reigns supreme. In 2024, Instagram’s algorithm continues to favor video content, especially Reels. However, don’t neglect other formats; a mix of Reels, Stories, and traditional posts can broaden your reach.

Engagement Drives Growth 

Interaction is crucial. Respond to comments, engage with similar accounts, and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility. The average monthly growth for business accounts is +1.25%—aim to surpass this by fostering a community around your brand.

Strategic Posting 

Timing matters. Analyze your audience’s online habits and post accordingly to maximize engagement. Consistency in posting frequency also helps maintain visibility in followers’ feeds.

Collaboration and Ads 

Partner with influencers and brands to tap into new audiences. Additionally, consider Instagram ads to boost your profile’s exposure to targeted demographics.

Analytics and Adaptation 

Regularly review your account’s performance. Instagram’s analytics tools provide insights that can guide content strategy and posting schedules.

Leverage user generated content to higher engagement and in turn to boost your profile reach.


Growing to 100k followers requires a blend of high-quality content, consistent engagement, strategic collaborations, and data-driven adjustments. By staying adaptable and leveraging Instagram’s evolving features, you can expand your reach and build a robust following in 2024.