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10 Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

10 Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

10 Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

1.Inspirational Quotes:

Quotes are evergreen and they have the capability to make a deep impact in the minds of individuals. It is one of the best ways to establish and improve your brand on Instagram.

Try to post quotes that reflect the ideology of your product or service with suitable hashtags. Say, you are an entrepreneur and want to give your online course a boost, create quotes that might educate your audience who want to become hard core entrepreneurs and give the link for your online course or book in the BIO.

2. Quick Tips:

People always love quick tips rather than a long story when it comes to a visual platform like Instagram. I’d definitely be impressed if a fellow IGmer offers a quick tip visually for my clear understanding.

For example, the instagram post given below was widely appreciated because it gives a quick tip on how to manage pinning on Pinterest. When your post is ‘straight to the point’ and with less clutter, people start loving you more.

Instagram quick tips

3. Showcase Your Products:

Oh yeah, this is important. How then you expect your customers to get a feel of your product? The picture should speak for itself in that… it must be able to create leads bang on to your landing page.

If you wish to take your customers to a different page, then you need to have multiple Instagram id’s. These can be represented by inserting @idname and the specific link can be given in the bio.

4. Follow me on Pinterest/Facebook:

If your primary work platform is Facebook or Pinterest, then you can lead your customers to the respective pages by providing respective links in the bio.

You have to understand that only one link can be provided in the bio section, so that link has to work in your favor.

The info you provide must make believe your audience that they can benefit by following you – in terms of knowledge or info on WORKABLE business ideas. Lot of links talk about money making and please don’t fall for them.

5. Support Others and Tag Them:

It is always good to give a little credit to your fellows rather than self bragging which we all do most of the time. When you start tagging the right persons, many good things happen.

What is the meaning of shoutout in Instagram?

An Instagram shoutout is a screenshot of another user’s profile page uploaded to your account to show support and give exposure to the other user. Shoutouts can increase a user’s followers and provide advertising to small businesses and websites.

Try to network with instagrammers who compliment your ideas. People’s psychology is that.. ‘Give back what you get.’ So, they will try to reciprocate and support you by giving a shout out or a good comment. Eventually you’ll end up with a good network or team and plenty of business avenues.

6. Show Your Work Area:

Hey, who is not interested to take a sneak peek into others’ secret of success! Transparency helps you to win over hearts and a classic example would be Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s work area capsule which can be seen by one and all.

When you share pics of your work space, you tend to increase your credibility. People believe in you more when they see what you exactly do and how you interact with your colleagues in the work space.

7. Promote a Freebie:

I love freebies that come unconditionally. Yeah, not the ones that come after lot of email id punching and submission of your life history!

Try to give away a great resource, say an e-book or a gift coupon periodically and you’ll just see how it works like magic. It is also a great way to collect emails that can be used later for promotions.

8. Post Short Videos with a Story:

This is by far the best way to get lot of followers on Insta. Videos make us happy, don’t they! There is an element of surprise in videos that capture the attention of the audience.

Short videos (3-60 seconds) can only be posted in Instagram and when you combine it with a story , say sharing your brand values – people will love them.

9. Ask a Question:

People love to comment on little ‘out of the way’ questions. Say, if you ask them about their first love or relationship goals. If you are selling a product, you can ask your customers how they feel about it and what would be the scope for improvement.

10. Thank Your Followers:

Everytime you cross a mile stone, say 500, 1000, 10,000 or 1 billion- thank your followers. Your goal might be to increase your brand value, earn money, earn leads etc., but without followers, you are a nobody.