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3 Healthcare Benefits Businesses Can Offer Their Staff

An increasing number of businesses are beginning to understand the value of offering their employees more than just a regular income. Whilst most people cultivate a career to allow them to gain a sufficient level of financial stability, this is not the sole factor for seeking employment.

Today’s workforce wants to work for an organization that offers them additional benefits and rewards in exchange for their labor. This is especially true for the emerging millennial generation who do not view a job as “for life” and will change careers more often if they find an employer that can offer them more.

In short, businesses need to offer their employee base a wide range of additional benefits in addition to common remuneration packages. A key way that this can be achieved is by offering your workforce a range of healthcare benefits that come with their continued employment. In this article, three key healthcare benefits will be discussed that can help a business to retain its best and brightest staff—whilst improving their health and wellbeing.

Healtcare benefits for employees.

Healthcare benefits cards

In recent years, the practice of employers offering their workforce a company healthcare benefits card has grown in popularity. These types of cards can help employees to pay for a range of healthcare products such as dental work, healthy food options, and general healthcare costs. They can be used in healthcare stores and for online purchases. Put simply, a comprehensive healthcare benefits card can be incredibly beneficial for a wide range of employee healthcare needs; click here to find out more about this type of healthcare solution for your workforce. In addition, it should be recognized that a healthy employee is one who will be less likely to need time off from work due to illness, so this type of scheme can also benefit the employer by creating a more productive workforce.

Cycle to work schemes

Cycle to work schemes provide several benefits to both the employer and the employee. Firstly, the employee can own a brand-new bike without an upfront cost as the payments are deducted from the staff member’s wages each month. This can allow an employee to get a bike that will be used for both commuting to work and for their own personal use. Normally, at the end of the scheme, the employee will be offered the option of paying a final fee to own the bicycle outright or to start to use a new bike under a similar agreement.

Cycling to work helps to keep your staff fit and healthy and can also be a key way to reduce the carbon footprint of your organization.

Subsidized gym membership

Millions of workers have personal fitness goals that they strive to reach, and employers can help staff to achieve these by offering subsidized memberships at local gyms. Recent evidence suggests that this type of employee benefits scheme can lead to a more engaged workforce who are likely to remain with their employer for a longer term of service in order to benefit from the subsidized gym fees.

In recent years this type of scheme has been adopted by a wide range of businesses as part of their overall employee benefits package and is an incredibly effective way to motivate and retain staff.