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4 Ways to Keep Your Retail Store Customers Happy

It’s well known in the retail industry that happy customers turn into repeat customers, which leads to a more sustainable and prosperous business. However, what’s less well known is that many customers would actually be willing to pay a higher price if they received superior customer service at a store. This turns customer service from preventing complaints and minimizing loss to actually maximizing profits. By re-examining your customer service strategy and improving the experience your customers receive in your store, you can take your business to the next level. Here are 4 ways to keep your retail store customers happy and coming back time and time again.

4 Ways to Keep Your Retail Store Customers Happy

  1. Stop upselling, start educating

There is a misconception that customers do not want stores to upsell to them and would rather be left to browse on their own. However, the situation is not so simple. A surprising number of customers are actually frustrated with stores that do not offer advice or support, especially those which are selling technology or appliances. There is so much choice on the market that customers regularly feel overwhelmed and confused, so take the opportunity to impart knowledge and genuine advice when it arises.

You should not be attempting to sell the customer items that they don’t want or need, but by educating and advising, you can naturally maximize sales when appropriate. For example, by highlighting one product’s advantages over another or recommending other items that may be more suitable, you can help the customer without being too ‘salesy.’

  1. Personalize the customer experience

Consumers expect personalized service from the adverts they see and communications they receive to the service and products they buy. Take the time to find out as much as you can about your customers before making recommendations to them. Offer a selection of products that might be suitable rather than trying to push a particular solution. Customers should feel supported and guided, not pressurized or manipulated. Train your staff to go the extra mile to ensure customers get the very best advice for their unique requirements.

  1. Gather and analyze customer feedback

You may not know where to begin in order to improve your customers’ service, but your customers can provide you with this essential information. You could provide them with a retail customer survey either within the store itself or online. Some brands will invite reviews and feedback via receipts or follow up emails. You may also choose to offer entry into a prize draw or discount offers to incentivize participation. By allowing your customers the opportunity to voice their opinions, you show them that they are valued and can gather the data you need to make significant improvements to your service for the future.

  1. A smile goes a long way

Being served by staff with a pleasant and friendly demeanor should not be a novelty, it should be a basic standard of customer service, but unfortunately, too many retail stores underestimate its value. When your staff are positive in their attitude, open in body language and attentive to the needs of customers, they are far more approachable. This increases the likelihood that they will establish a rapport and the customer will feel able to ask questions. Rude or disinterested staff are a big turn off for customers and they will not hesitate to take their business to one of your competitors.

Invest in your staff training and morale through regular one-to-one meetings, requesting and listening to their feedback. You may also want to run bonus or reward schemes which recognize exceptional customer service.