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Blobitecture – Blob Architecture

Blobitecture, also referred to as “blob  architecture” or “blobism“, refers to modern structures with an amorphous, blob-like shape. Blobitecture arose  in the  course  of  the  nineteen  nineties  when  CAD  methods have  been  first  being  designed  for  architects  and  interior  designers.

The term ‘blob architecture’ was coined by architect Greg Lynn in 1995 in his experiments in digital design with metaball graphical software. Soon a range of architects and furniture designers began to experiment with this “blobby” software to create new and unusual forms.

Blob architecture has given the world some of its most memorable and distinctive buildings, such as the experience music project in Seattle. Blobitecture is built to emulte nature, which is why it is considered to be organic architecture.

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