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How Employees Can Help Market Your Brand

Marketing your brand is one of the core factors in getting your name out there, and your employees are one of the vital components that can make or break your business. These are two peas in a pod. It might be obvious that a good team are the backbone of a business just from the work they do; however, there are other ways in which your employees can help market your brand.

How Employees Can Help Market Your Brand ?

Here are a few ways your team can help get the word out.

Make Sure Your Employees Know What Your Company Stands For

One of the most important factors for employees to know is what your company stands for. It is more common that those in a managerial position understand your company’s ethos and the core values of the employees that are more likely to interact with your customers every day.

Not only could this be doing damage to your brand, but it is also unfair to expect employees to market the brand if they are unaware of what it is they are actively marketing. So, make sure this is clear-cut across all areas of employees and especially those who are at the front of your business every day.

Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy

Unhappy employees certainly will not be a walking endorsement for your brand, or at least not in a positive light. Employees that are listened to feel secure, valued, and are happy; this will go a long way when it comes to how they communicate with customers, but also how they talk about the brand in their spare time.

Energy is infectious, and if employees seem happy to work somewhere, and customers can feel it, customers are more likely to be drawn to the brand. In fact, a Linkedin study suggested that while only 3% of employees are likely to share company-related content (a personal endorsement), that 3% gained a 30% increase in traction towards website traffic!

Make Merch to Be Proud of

The afternoon break when everyone walks out and goes off to get their lunch is a key time for advertisement. We will often have logos on our shirts or a little key lanyard, making it apparent where we work, but it is something that we have all seen before.

If you want your employees to stick out, then invest in some merch that will be a little more eye-catching. Think custom converse shoes or bags and let them make a statement.

Get Blogging

Written content is one of the best ways to draw people to your website and keep them on there.

Each of your employees will have a good understanding of your business and will be able to come up with unique content that will help generate leads and promote sales. This is another great way to keep the blog up to date as you can incorporate more personal or day-to-day work posts to show the fun and human side of your company.