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How Women Entrepreneurs are Viewed by the Society

How Women Entrepreneurs are Viewed by the Society

An entrepreneur is one person who has the ability to think out of the box, to cash in on the opportunities, to think big and different, to go for innovative ideas, to take warranted risks and to make a difference amongst the ordinary lot. Modern business world and the society as a whole have understood the importance of women emerging as successful and powerful entrepreneurs which has proven good for the growth of a country’s economy.

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Challenges of being a woman:

The challenges start at the grass root level: being a woman is sufficient enough to create a gender bias and to be looked down. Physically the differences are obvious and the strength that a man is empowered with cannot be overruled, but the inner strength and the power to conquer that a woman is empowered with can never be equaled.

Running a household is even more difficult than running a corporate business. All your management principles come under the household umbrella. No tactics or strategy is left unturned for the smooth running of the household. A woman needs no training in areas of

  • strategic planning
  • decision making(comes naturally)
  • developing interpersonal relationship
  • delegating authority
  • decentralization
  • managing
  • leadership
  • motivating others and self motivation
  • crisis management
  • impression management
  • quality of work

Women CEO’s add Value to their Companies:

Nature has blessed her with all these and many more managerial qualities that are needed to manage an organization effectively and efficiently. Gone are the days when they were treated a step down, now most of the corporates have very efficient women CEO’s and their ability is reflected in terms of productivity and profitability. Moreover a woman adds value to the company as responsibility is her second name and this works out in favor of the organization to gain the trust and confidence of its consumers, suppliers and stake holders.

A woman can occupy any post of its highest kind including the presidential or prime ministerial positions. The enthusiasm that a woman entrepreneur exuberates is infectious and induces positive vibes in the organization. Be it negotiations, tackling the union leaders and workers, business travels or bargaining, nothing is a problem. She is more efficient in clinching deals and proves adventurous in concluding new business ventures.

Work – Life Balance:

A woman has to have a balance between her family, relationships, children and work. That is the biggest ever challenge which she handles with ease. The financial pinch that the recent economy has created has served as an eye opener for men in realizing the fact that a house needs two financial paymasters for running the show.

Success Ratio of Women Entrepreneurs:

Many few women entrepreneurs emerge out as victors as most of them lack support from their counterparts and lack of financial support from banks, financial institutions may also slacken the pace and hinder their progress. The success ratio has considerably increased when compared to olden days but still many of them lack the nerve to start their own business. Ignorance and lack of self reliance are the major factors hindering the development of female entrepreneurs. I have seen many women who are born in business families with natural business instinct and their added advantage would be the already available infrastructure, platform and guidance to grow and make it to the top.

Even circumstances force certain women to go in for self owned business and once they taste the essence of success they never want to look back. The society has a bigger role to play in developing more women entrepreneurs by giving positive support. Women have a better judgement on role analysis and perception which turn them into better role models in any field or discipline, be it education, business, politics, social service, medicine or industry.

Top 10 WomenEntrepreneurs in (and from)  India:

  • Indra Nooyi – CEO-Pepsico
  • Naina Lal Kidwai – country head, HSBC
  • Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – CEO Biocon
  • Indu Jain – Chairperson of The Times Group
  • Priya Paul – President of The Park Hotels
  • Sulajja Firodia Motwani – Managing Director Kinetic Finance
  • Simone Tata – the force behind Lakme as we know it today
  • Neelam Dhawan – Neelam Dhawan , MD, HP India
  • Ekta Kapoor – the woman who changed the face of Indian television
  • Mallika Srinivasan – responsible for spearheading TAFE’s growth and revenue potential