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MAT is an easier version of CAT

MAT is an easier version of CAT

Know How MAT 2018 is a Brilliant Opportunity for MBA Aspirants

The Management Aptitude Test is a great opportunity for aspirants who are willing to pursue their education in management. MAT is comparatively a less competitive exam unlike CAT, which is considered to be one of the toughest examinations for entering into top management colleges like IIM’S.

MAT is an easier version of CAT

Results are the most uncertain part of examinations. Some tend to clear it with flying colours whereas some might not live up to the mark. After witnessing your results for CAT 2018, some must be gleaming with joy while others might be disheartened for they could not score well. Well, if you consider yourself as someone who didn’t perform well or if your  CAT Result did not leave you satisfied, do not get demoralised but keep thriving for success. Your dream of securing admission into a good management B-school is still possible by appearing into exams like MAT 2018.

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MAT equally attracts a good number of management B-schools who offer admissions into their PGDM courses. It is generally conducted 4 times in a year wiz February, May, September and December in both online and offline mode. The exam consists of five sections comprising of 200 questions in total. We can easily say that MAT is an easier version of CAT. Hence, MAT 2018 is an ideal choice for anyone aiming to secure admission in MBA in a good management institute in India.

There are many benefits associated with MAT 2018 which prove that is a great opportunity for MBA aspirants. Let us have a look at some of those benefits:

Lower difficulty level

This is the first and foremost factors which distinguish MAT from other management exams. In comparison to other major MBA entrance examinations, like CAT, XAT, SNAP etc. MAT is of a much lower level in terms of difficulty. If the student is already well versed with the syllabus of CAT or other major MBA exams there is no extra preparation needed for MAT as the syllabus is same. Just a small recap or revision into all the topics that you had prepared for CAT 2018 , would be enough for clearing MAT 2018.

For instance, a student who has secured let’s say around 60-70 percentile in CAT can easily score an 80+ percentile in MAT with a strong level of preparation and practice. Many students also end up scoring 800/800 in MAT which clearly indicates the difficulty level of this exam.

Wider Choice of B-Schools

MAT offers a wide choice of management b-schools to select from which makes it a very lucrative option for students. There are more than 600 management institutes which accept MAT scores across the country, which is probably the highest in number in comparison to any other entrance examination. As per AIMA, the management body which conducts MAT every year “It is the largest test of its kind in India”.

Gateway to Best Colleges

MAT is also a gateway to some of the best MBA colleges in our country such as Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) which ranks among the top 10 management colleges of India. Chanda Kochar, Uday Kotak and Mani Ratnam are some of the most eminent personalities who are distinguished alumni of JBIMS.

The list doesn’t ends here; colleges like KJ Somaiya Institute of Management & Research, SIMSREE, NL Dalmia Institute of Management also accept MAT scores for admissions.

Multiple attempts in a year

Since, MAT is conducted four times in a year; candidates get a chance to appear in MAT more than one time if they haven’t scored well. You save a lot on time and also increase your chances of scoring better with the option of multiple attempts. Unlike CAT, XAT, SNAP which are conducted just once in a year and if you score poorly in these you have to wait for an entire year to reappear for these exams.

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But, MAT offers you the flexibility to reappear and attempt the exam if you do not score well in one exam. For example, if you do not score well in MAT September exam you get the chance to try your luck and appear for MAT December exam. With this you do not need to waste an academic year and can easily get good scores.

Online and Offline formats

While most of the exams have shifted to the online mode, MAT still continues to be rooted to the old school (traditional) format alongside providing candidates the option to appear in the online mode as well. This is a boon for students who are accustomed to pen paper based formats and are not very accustomed with the usage of computers especially the students from rural backgrounds. This provides equal opportunity to both tech-savvy as well as students not comfortable with computers.

1 year score validity

Another distinguishing fact about MAT is that the scores are valid for a period of one whole year. While MAT is conducted every three to four months in a year, the marks obtained in any of these will be valid for the entire year and if the candidates have attempted MAT multiple times in that year, they are free to choose which scores they would like to use for securing admissions into colleges of their choice.

Free applications to 5 colleges

MAT also provides you an option to apply for free to any 5 MBA Colleges of your choice while filling up the application form and if you are lucky enough you may also get a call from one of those. With exams like CAT and XAT apart from paying form fees, you have to pay separate application fees for applying to various colleges associated under them. But with MAT you can freely apply to five colleges without any additional costs.

These are some of the broad major advantages associated with MAT and we hope they motivate you enough for appearing to MAT 2018. MAT could serve to be an amazing opportunity for all those who are looking to secure a seat in a good management institute. Good Luck!