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Objectives of Training

Objectives of Training

The objectives of training is different according to the employees belonging to different levels of organization. The objectives depend on the nature of the organization where training has to be provided, the skills desired and the current skill levels.


objectives of training

Objectives of Training


1. To increase the knowledge of employees or workers in doing specific jobs.

2. To scientifically and systematically impart new skills to the human resources so that they learn quickly.

3. To bring about change in the attitudes of the workers towards fellow workers, supervisor and the organization.

4. To improve the overall performance of the organization.

5. To make the employees handle materials, machines and equipment efficiently and thus to avoid wastage of time and resources.

6. To reduce the number of accidents by providing safety training to employees.

7. To prepare employees for higher jobs by developing advanced skills in them.

8. The basic objective of training however is to establish a match between man and his job.

9. The training is designed to improve knowledge, skills and attitude and thus equip the individual to be more effective in his present job or prepare him for future assignments.

From the point of view of an organization individual growth is a means to organized effectiveness.



The objectives of training can be summarized as follows: –

1Induction : – Training constitutes a significant entry into the company’s way of life. Organizations have to provide induction training to all employees entering the organization to let them know,

1. What is company’s culture?

2. How does structure function?

3. What are policies & rules of organization?

4. What are designs of freedom or limits of behavior?

 2.Updating :-A significant objectives of training is to prevent the Obsolescence of the employees by updating their skills & knowledge.

 3.Preparing for future Assignments.

4.Improvement in Performance: Training will be an important aid to managers for developing themselves as well as their subordinates. It is not a substitute for development on the job, which comes from doing, experiencing, observing, giving and receiving feedback and coaching.

Training can bring about an improvement in a person’s:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Attitude, there by raising his potential to perform better on the job.

 5. Growth

Training is also focused towards developing people for higher levels of responsibility thereby reducing the need for recruiting people from outside. This would have the effect of improving the morale of the existing employees.

6.Organizational Effectiveness

Training provides a means for bringing about organizational development. It can be used for strengthening values, building teams, improving inter-group relations and quality of work life. The ultimate objective of training in the long run is to improve the company’s performance through people performing better.