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Social Media Marketing Ideas on Pinterest

Social Media Marketing Ideas

Social Media Marketing is an experiment and nobody can lay the rules since it is ever evolving. No one person can dominate the platform as it is very flexible and accomodative for all those who do it right! Amazing!

Nothing is right and nothing is wrong when it comes to SMM. As a marketer or influencer or blogger you have to define and redefine the strategies to choose the best networks and plans that work out well.

smm strategies on pinterest

Inspired Ideas from Pinterest:

1. Social Media Marketing is a commitment that calls for investment of your time, effort and creativity. You can neither overlook nor overdo what you say in the social media platform.

10 Steps to Creating a Winning Social Media by Rebeka Radice

2. Your product or service must add real value to the end users – this will be the central point of your business promotion.

Social Media Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts

3. Just understand that your conversations must be meaningful and strike an emotional chord with the target audience. If not your voice will be drowned in other powerful social media waves.

Why You Need a Social Media Strategy?

4. First establish a solid realtionship nicely by gaining the trust of your  followers. This will pave way for productive user engagement.

Social Media Strategy 101

5. Check whether your conversations are leading to conversions; ultimately the ROI of any social media effort is revenue. If not measure your efforts and make adjustments.

SMM Plan Complete Checklist

6. It does not hurt to give industry updates related to your products as well. Engagement for the sake of doing it is pointless and it does not lead to enrichment.

Best Way to Engage Your Fans

7. Use lot of images with best resolutions and videos that convert like hot cakes.

Social Media Image Size Guide

8. Caution -Don’t expect instant results. Let your connections know more about you and show them that you are here to stay.

6 Habits of Highly Successful Marketers

9. Marketing your services to the right audience creates more lead generation rather than thinning out your prospects by focusing on a wide range of user groups.

Tips for Developing Your SMM Plan 2015

10. Make your connections feel special by immediately replying back and clarifying their queries.

8 Step Social Media Template

11. Investigate how often your competitors are posting and conduct industry research to see the ideal amount of content to publish per day on each channel. You want to be active, but not overly active.

How to Become an Instagram Superstar?

12. Treat each channel as an individual entity. LinkedIn tends to have a more business-focused audience looking for in-depth, educational content, compared to Instagram, which is likely to have an audience looking for engaging visual content.

21 Rules for Effective SMM

13. Negative feedback needs to be addressed as well, preferably with patience and respect. But think of your social channels as an opportunity to display how awesome you treat your customers.

Best Times to Post on Social Media

14. Stay active on Google+ –  If your business is actively posting on Google+, you will receive essentially free ad space when users search for you on Google.

Psychology of Visual marketing in SMM

15. Create content that no one else has, if ever you’re in an oversaturated industry, and then make your content somehow unique from the others.

Follow these amazing ideas to execute a “Stress Free” social media marketing plan.