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The Integrated Marketing Framework

Integrated Marketing: Strategy aimed at combining different marketing methods such as mass marketing, one-to-one marketing, and direct marketing.

Marketing in simpler terms means “to take your product to the customers in a convincing manner and coax them to buy it”. And not only that, you need to retain your old customers and lure new customers to your niche. How is that possible! Marketing is a concept that works magic when you project your product in such a way as to attract the customer and also your product should have an edge over that of your competitors’.

integrated marketing

Many new channels of marketing have flooded the market; the evergreen being advertisements in radio and televisions. The audio visual of your product that is being telecast in a span of thirty seconds to one minute should capture the attention of the viewers and you should see to it that the benefits of your product is communicated to the viewers in a precise manner.

The questions that are inevitable to the sales force are,

  • What is your product’s unique selling proposition?
  • What is your distinctive competence?
  • Are you motivating the target audience?
  • Does your product have a brand image?

So many things have to be taken into consideration and here comes the word integrated marketing. The exclusive sales force you own is your strength, without which you cannot succeed in the market. Whatever strategies you formulate, action plans you correlate, it is in the hands of your sales team that you are going to capture the market. The marketing plan and ideas have to be communicated to them from the point of conception and the innovative ideas generated from your team can be definitely put into use.

Integrated marketing operates on two levels. First the various disciplines of the marketing department that includes,

  • sales force
  • advertising
  • product management
  • new product launch
  • Marketing research, must work in tandem. Secondly, coordination with all the other departments in the firm.

After all, business is done for profit. But even then there are some etiquettes to be followed when you are planning to introduce your product into the market.

  • customer satisfaction
  • quality
  • quantity
  • eco friendly
  • Competitive price, are some of the basic principles that go without saying.

Besides, the producer also should not deceive the customer or take advantage of the ignorance of the consumer while campaigning for his products. A product should reap you profit and at the same time the customer should get the value for the money paid. A satisfied customer can bring in hundred more customers; it is part of your marketing plan. If you lose one customer then you have lost thousand customers. You cannot bring back a dissatisfied customer into your groove. So the sociology and psychology which you have read only in literature will give you a helping hand in times of need, when you want to satisfy a customer.

Integrated marketing combines all the marketing plans; it is a marketing mix that makes a customer happy with the product’s price, availability, promotion and the product as a whole.

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Malls and Departmental stores,

are some of the ventures to be mentioned that stands as a testimony for integrated marketing, as they talk about “feasible packages for different classes of economy”. Ultimately marketing can be defined as a network that starts with the customer and ends with the customer in its supply chain management.