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Why Are Successful Businesses Using Bulk SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing often takes a back seat to more visible methods when a business is considering how to develop a new marketing strategy. Given the clear success rate of this type of customer interaction, it is a mistake not to include SMS messaging in the marketing plan for your business.

Successful businesses around the globe are utilizing SMS to reach their customers, both past and present. This technique enables a message to literally be in the hands of many thousands of people in just a few minutes and with a relatively small amount of effort.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is also referred to as bulk texting. This is because a large bulk of text messages are sent at the same time to the desired customer base. This is quick, simple, and very cost-effective.

With the click of a button, the same promotional text message will be sent to everyone that the message has been allocated to. This might be a one-way message, or customers may have the option to send a reply if they wish to.

How Successful is Bulk Texting?

The most amazing part of using bulk sms messaging to reach customers is that it genuinely works on a large scale!

A text message appears much more personal than an email or social media post, and that is why as many as 90% of recipients will open and read each message. Compare this with the approximate 30% open rate for email communication, and you can see a clear winner.

Furthermore, consider the time that it takes to draft a promotional text message as opposed to creating an entire email newsletter.

Benefits of bul sms marketing.

Trust and Communication

Trust and communication are two pivotal aspects of providing an amazing customer experience. If a potential customer does not trust a business or is unable to communicate effectively with them, then they are not going to spend their money on this business.

Customers generally trust text message communications because they will have given this company their phone number. This is not therefore treated with the same suspicion as an unsolicited phone call or a random email.

Additionally, if the customer has been given the option to reply to the text message, or has received instructions within the message on how to engage with the business, then this prompts ongoing engagement. Doing so opens up the channels of communication and encourages a customer to take action which could lead to a sale.

Successful Businesses and Bulk SMS

With so many clear advantages to this marketing technique, it is no wonder that successful businesses around the world are using this method.

It is easy to outsource this kind of marketing to a reputable agency, thereby saving yourself the time of doing it in-house. Outsourcing this task will also help to ensure that your campaigns are always expertly executed and managed in the most effective way.

When you make the decision to start using bulk SMS messaging to promote your business, you may be surprised at just how quickly your customer base begins to grow!