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Why You Should Share Your Blog Post More Than Once

Why You Should Share Your Blog Post More Than Once

Do you want to know what “Guy Kawasaki”-technique for using Social Media is?

It is nothing but Repurposing old content and Re-sharing the same content multiple times.

Why You Should Share Your Blog Post More Than Once

Here, let us look into the benefits of re-sharing your blog post multiple times on your social media channels.

The first, and perhaps most obvious, reason to share your content more than once is to drive more traffic to your blog which again facilitate the following:

If you are pretty serious about your content, then you also need to be serious about driving as much traffic to it as possible.

“You need to share content repeatedly because people live in different time zones and have different social media habits.”

Think about this:

  • You publish a post on day 1
  • You share it on all your social media channels and garner likes and shares depending on how viral the content is.
  • If your follower count is going to increase in the coming weeks, don’t you deprive them of all the valuable information you have already posted!
  • Remember you should always re-share relevant content at the right time.

So, Is It OK to Share Content More than Once?

The reality is that, nobody cares. Do you even remember what you had for breakfast yesterday morning?

The point is good content needs to be shared multiple times for the benefit of your audience.

My site Managementguru is all about business management. And topics related to Human Resource, Stress Management, Social Media Marketing get more likes and shares when reposted on my social media channels.

When it comes to content marketing it is nothing but trial and error.

best times to post on social media

Content sharing tips:

  1. Design a unique content sharing strategy for each social media network separately, like different titles and hashtags.
  2. Please don’t spam your social media channels.
  3. Ask a question or pull quotes from the post itself
  4. Quote a tweet from an influencer along with your link in Twitter- This always works
  5. Write an irresistible teaser – which will atleast make the reader come, visit your post!

 6 Action Steps You Must Take After You Publish A Blog Post

Repeated Sharing Analysis

Social Sharing Theory 1

Like anything on social, it boils down to measurement. You have to understand if what you’re doing works.

Is repeated sharing helping or hurting your traffic to a specific blog post? Which content should you share more of? Which should you share less of?  –  Jade Furubayashi

Social Sharing Theory 2

What happens when we share a link to that post a second time the next day?

Does the traffic double? Based on the law of diminishing returns, no.

That’s not quite what happens during the second round. But, if we share the content again a third time, the traffic (for the second and third sets of shares combined) more than doubles.

How can you argue with results like that?  –  Garrett Moon

Social Sharing Theory 3

Obviously, pieces that get massive engagement or traffic deserve to be seen more than once, and we double down on those.

But the same is true for the opposite; slouches in stats or negative feedback are great indicators that those pieces of content have run their course and should be removed from my content calendar.  –  Jade Furubayashi

How to Optimize Your Content for the Top 5 Social Networks

1. Use Brief Summaries on Twitter with attractive images or video

2. Be Conversational on Facebook

3. Invite Professional Discussion on LinkedIn

4. Share Strong Images on Google+

5. Include Hashtags on Instagram

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