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Basic Trends in HRD

Basic Trends in HRD –

The basic motive of HRD would be to develop an enduring and healthy . It should also take into its fold the and developmental aspects of the workforce that forms the significant segment of the organization. It is a means to improve the overall organizational effectiveness but not an end in itself.

HRD Philosophy:

The philosophy of an organization is understood through and operations and not merely through its programmes. HRD policies, and action must commence from business . The key to the success of HRD is undoubtedly good industrial relations enhanced by effective and existence of good machinery.

talent management in hrd

A Source of Motivation:

Though , training and seem to be the core activities of HRD, it must also be used as an instrument for changing the work culture and motivating the workforce. This considerably improves the network of communication resulting in a sea change or turn around in terms of employee participation and .

Concept of HRD:

  • The is dynamic and so are the demands of the market. It is but important to review the organization structure to meet these demands of the changed environment.
  • To establish and endure a to bring about improvements in organizational as well as technological disciplines.
  • To train and develop employees in new skills for new advanced operations and effective .
  • To bring about progress in the motivational of the organization
  • To bring the systems and procedures in line to deliver the expected results
  • To reinforce participative culture and safety systems
  • To maintain peaceful industrial relations in the production environment
  • To revamp man power planning in order to match the individuals with jobs to of available skills.

Changing Environment:

The process of HRD is directly linked to OD to facilitate the development of an organization in totality. To restructure organization in terms of , and technology, one has to first understand the changes happening and challenges existing in the immediate external environment. Some of them would be

  1. Rising aspirations of people at large
  2. Governmental policies etc.,

How has HR used ?

A relatively late-adaptor, HR has largely used social media in recruitment…and indeed how!!! – In 2010 in US, only 6% of companies were using social media for recruitment, now that has exploded to 89% – 82 of the Fortune 100 companies uses the corporate hiring solutions of – About 21% of working professionals are looking for a job – social media helps companies tap into the other 79% as well. Bullhorn’s 2012 Social Recruiting Activity Report says:“A follower is almost 3 times more likely to apply to a job posting than a LinkedIn connection and 8 times more likely to apply than a friend.”

Human Resources professionals understand that social media ishere to stay…That’s the easy answer!!!The challenge is integrating use of a cohesive, relevant andeffective social media strategy aligned to the overall HR & business strategy of the organization. Information Courtesy – by