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Four Easy Ways to Market Your Brand on a Budget

Creating a memorable brand identity is essential when launching your own business, acting as the primary method for conveying your products, services, and ethos to potential customers. Branding goes way beyond a simple company logo, incorporating a customized color scheme, promotional products, and perhaps even staff uniforms. However, how can you establish your brand and get it out there when you are working on a strict budget? Here are four easy ways you can market your company’s brand while sticking to a budget.

Four Easy Ways to Market Your Brand on a Budget

Custom stencils

Part of your marketing strategy could involve sending out sales packs to buyers or potential customers. If this is the case, make the packaging for your goodie bags work extra hard by having it reflect your branding. For instance, you could use tissue paper that matches your color scheme and stickers of your logo. One particularly useful branding method is using custom stencils of your logo or relevant branding text. These enable you to insert your branding in a fun and artistic way on anything, from packaging to flyers. Available is a variety of sizes, why not purchase a stencil in a larger format and decorate the walls of your premises with your branding?

Promotional materials

When sending out sales packs, have you thought about what promotional materials you include? Choose items that are useful and desirable to people. Pens and pencils are popular choices, as they can be branded easily and cheaply, and most people are thankful to have a few spare pens on hand. Cups and coasters are also good options, your brand being marketed even while people are enjoying their mid-morning coffee. To stand out from the crowd, you could also consider investing in quirky merchandising, such as sunglasses or lunch containers, that customers are sure to want to get their hands on.

Flyers and posters

It is safe to say that almost every business has access to a printer and can, therefore, produce promotional flyers and posters on some level at least. While a graphic designer or marketing expert will give your promotional flyers and posters a sleek, professional edge, it is possible to learn how to do this yourself. You will need access to specialist design computer programs such as InDesign and Photoshop—Microsoft Word doesn’t have the same graphic design capabilities and could result in your poster, and therefore brand, looking cheap and amateurish. Online tutorials are available for the Adobe Creative Suite, teaching you the skills you need to create polished, on-brand promotional flyers and posters.


Though perhaps not as well used as it once was thanks to the rise of email, most companies require company stationery, whether for sending out official letters and invoices or as compliment slips to accompany a delivery note. As well as the old faithful Microsoft Word, you can put your newly learned design skills to good use by creating your stationery using programs on the Adobe Creative Suite.