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How Technology Can Help You Manage Your Business During the Pandemic

Managing a business can be difficult at the best of times. Not only do you have to make sure the company is making a profit, but you also have to manage staff, make important decisions and deal with countless other problems on a day-to-day basis.

In 2020, managers have been handed one of their hardest tasks to date – doing all of this while working from home. Here are some tips to help your business continue to run during the pandemic.

How Technology Can Help You Manage Your Business During the Pandemic


Wherever you look during the pandemic, it seems you’ll find video conferencing software. Whether it’s a government official speaking to other politicians or even chat show hosts talking to their guests, so many communications that were normally once done in person are now being carried out on conferencing software.

Downloads of free software like Zoom have also skyrocketed during these last few months. It’s likely you’ve already used this software during this time, but are you using it to its full potential? As well as being able to hear and see your colleagues, the software also allows you to share your screen with colleagues. This means you can continue to give presentations to your team from the comfort of their own homes.

Deal rooms  

While it’s important to share ideas and concerns with colleagues and clients on video conferencing software, it’s also necessary to be able to share documentation just as easily. It’s important to make sure that any documentation that you share is protected, as it will contain lots of important and sensitive data.

If you need to complete a deal with any client throughout the pandemic, whether it’s a small renewal of a contract or a brand new negotiation that will bring lots of new money into the business, it’s important you complete the task professionally. Don’t look sloppy and disorganized by sending multiple emails with multiple documents back and forth.

Instead, invite them to access a secure deal room that has been created for the sole purpose of completing that deal. Not only does this software allow you to easily upload, update and share documents, but it has many features like watermarking and NDAs to make sure the data is kept safe. It also makes your team look more professional, showing the client you respect their business, which will make them more likely to sign that contract.

Safety equipment

It may be too early to be returning to the office, but it isn’t too early to plan how you will allow staff to return once you get given the green light. Many businesses who have already returned to the workplace have invested in heat detection equipment to make sure anybody entering the building is healthy. These screens use a camera to measure someone’s temperature, refusing them entry if they have one of the symptoms of the coronavirus. As the pandemic continues, we’re likely to see more inventions like these become commonplace in workplaces across the world.