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How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel

How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel.

YouTube is no longer a mere source of entertainment; it has matured into a medium to promote businesses.

  • The statistics from YouTube show that more than 1 billion unique visitors use the site every month and more than 6 billion hours of videos are watched each month.
  • The number has increased by 50% in one year. And that’s not all; 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube.

Start with asking yourself some basic questions

1. Why do I start? Am I passionate about this topic?

Before uploading your first YouTube video, you need to understand why you’re creating a channel in the first place. Is it to make money with AdSense, or to perhaps create a future book deal? Is it aimed only at financial gains? Or is it a way to indulge a hobby of yours?

Whatever the reason for starting a YouTube channel, make sure you understand your viewers’ expectations and what your “success” should look like. That will give you a goal to strive towards, and will further encourage and push you to reach that goal as a vlogger on YouTube.

2. Who will watch my videos?

In order to make your YouTube channel a success, you need to know your viewers and subscribers. This means getting to know your “target audience” (or those who’ll be interested in watching your YouTube videos). It’s important to know what the interests of your potential viewers are.

Once you are sure who your audience is, you can then create relevant and entertaining videos suited to satisfy their interests. And the more relevant that your videos are to your viewers, the more likely they’ll be interested in subscribing to your YouTube channel.

3. What type of content will I create?

Be different. Be unique and original. Come up with a great idea and stick with it. YouTube views may pick up slowly, but targeting one particular niche, one sect of individuals, will go a whole lot further in the long run.

It’s your channel. Make it something that identifies with you.

It’s important to recognize that being really successful on YouTube isn’t easy. There will be setbacks. There will be failures. Those hoping to create a popular channel on YouTube need to be patient, persistent, and positive, and they need to keep their mind open to constant learning.

4. How to make my videos interesting?

Open with a teaserIt is the first few seconds of the video, which can engage the viewers. Try to create a mystery and intrigue in the beginning of the videos. You can also introduce an interrupt, something that people do not expect in the video to engage them.

5. How to pick a unique name for my channel?

The next order of business is to pick a channel name. Take some time with this. Your channel is going to stick around for awhile, so you want to pick a name that holds strong association to your brand and identity, something unique that people will remember you by.

Once that’s done, it’s time to set up your profiles. In order to build your audience, you will need a social presence online. You most likely have this in the form of Facebook, Twitter, etc., but make sure you are active and that your user name is available on all of them. Let people know you are out there and willing to take the time to build brand and trustworthiness.

Videos and YouTube Play a Huge Role in Social Media Marketing

Clearly, YouTube (and other visual channels like Instagram) is playing an increasingly important role in social media, especially if you are targeting consumers. And frankly, it should be an automatic part of your marketing strategy as you are targeting consumers aged 15 to 35.

The Most Engaging YouTube Videos are Global, Funny, and Heartwarming.

Finally some extra tips for success:

  • Be an organizer and planner. Plan out your content format and stick to it. People lose interest in channels who are constantly changing their look and feel.
  • Post consistently. Never let your channel get out of date. You will lose subscribers if you go weeks without posting anything. People appreciate your time and dedication, even if they can’t say it directly do you.
  • Pick a day or two during the week to upload your videos and post of social media to let your views know about it.