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How to Create the Perfect SEO Content

How to Create the Perfect SEO Content?

Write the content for the readers and not for keywords:

Write your content for the readers based on the topic and related keywords you have researched meticulously and elaborate the topic. Add variations, synonyms and connected words throughout the content to make it more natural and at the same time SEO friendly. But it is worth paying to do the keyword research to find the kinds of words people actually use.

Wrap your title in H1 tag

Optimize your keyword:

See to it that keywords are present in your URL, page title, start of the blog post, within the first 100 words, in your image alt text and in your Meta description. Yoast SEO wordpress plugin suggests all these things by default to guide you through SEO OPTIMIZATION.


Title tag with keyword

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Create content 10x better than your competitors:

  • Make the URL shorter: URL’s ranking #1 have only 50 characters on an average
  • Include graphics, animations and videos: Interactive content creates 2x better engagement than static content.
  • Create a better title which affects page ranking to a greater extent
  • Make it simpler to read: The average Flesch readability score was 76.59, easily understood by 13 to 15 year old students
  • Page rankings #1 had 15.8px font size on an average

How to Create the Perfect SEO Content

  • Make it faster: Don’t include lot of scripts and iframes in the homepage which might slow down the loading time
  • Make it more visual: The average article ranking #1 has 9 images
  • Make it more structured: Users want their answers fast as well as in a precise manner, say, in a bulleted list form 78% of the time
  • Try to source professional photos or make your own infographic. Canva is the best site for beginners and pro’s to beautifully create designs at their own will
  • Articles having images every 75 to 100 words get the most shares
  • Floating share buttons increase the blog traffic by 27%

Outbound and Internal Links

  • Make it more linkable and shareable: Include relevant outbound links and lot of internal links; internal links make the readers stay in your website longer and relevant outbound links increase the authenticity of your blog/website
  • Make it longer and resourceful that will help to increase the page ranking. Write well researched, planned and supported content for your audience

How to format your content?

Break your content into small sentences and paragraphs and make use of headings and sub-headings (H2, H3 etc.) Include quotes and tweetables to make the read more interesting and shareable. Sometimes your audience wants something shorter – or even different like podcasts and videos.

Write your content for people first. But also remember you need to optimize for keywords too to get traffic from Google.

How do you find a way out with content marketing?

Boost site speed

  1. Set Objectives: Be clear about what you or your company wants to accomplish through content marketing. What are the objectives you have in mind to be realized through content strategies
  2. Define Your Audience: What would your audience want to read, attend, see or listen to and where are they?
  3. Create a content plan: Creating and scheduling a content calendar is very important to make your presence felt amongst your audience. Consistency is the key when it comes to beating your competitors.
  4. Be Tactical: Take care of your SEO, SOCIAL REACH AND PUBLIC RELATIONS to have a better reach
  5. Test and Analyze: Measure your response by tracking and reviewing your analytics and then refine your content based on the findings.