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Top 50 HR Quotes

Popular HR Quotes by Industry Experts and Management Scholars

top 50 hr quotes

We have compiled 50 top notch hr quotes from doyens in the field of business and management that will sure fire inspire you with creative ideas.

1. “Great Vision Without Great People Is Irrelevant.”

-Jim Collins, Good To Great

2. “Human Resources Isn’t A Thing We Do. It’s The Thing That Runs Our Business.”

-Steve Wynn, Wynn Las Vegas

3. “You Need To Have A Collaborative Hiring Process.”

-Steve Jobs, Apple

4. “You Can’t Teach Employees To Smile. They Have To Smile Before You Hire Them.”

-Arte Nathan, Wynn Las Vegas

5. “Never Hire Someone Who Knows Less Than You Do About What He’s Hired To Do.”

-Malcolm Forbes, Forbes
HR Quotes by Industry Experts
Top 50 HR Quotes

6. “When Hiring Key Employees, There Are Only Two Qualities To Look For: Judgement And Taste. Almost Everything Else Can Be Bought By The Yard.”

John W. Gardner

7. “Recently, I Was Asked If I Was Going To Fire An Employee Who Made A Mistake That Cost The Company $600,000. No, I Replied, I Just Spent $600,000 Training Him. Why Would I Want Somebody To Hire His Experience?”

-Thomas John Watson Sr., Ibm

8. “It’s More Than Just Selling Pizzas. It’s Being A Good Fit For The Community. We Hire Based On The Betterment Of The Community As Much As Anything.”

-Mark Starr, David’s Pizza.

9. “You Can Have The Best Strategy And The Best Building In The World, But If You Don’t Have The Hearts And Minds Of The People Who Work With You, None Of It Comes To Life.”

-Renee West, Luxor And Excalibur Hotel

10. “I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”

-Lawrence Bossidy, Ge

11. “Do Not Hire A Man Who Does Your Work For Money, But Him Who Does It For The Love Of It.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Life Without Principle

12. “If You Think Hiring Professionals Is Expensive, Try Hiring Amateurs”


13. “The Key For Us, Number One, Has Always Been Hiring Very Smart People.”

-Bill Gates, Microsoft

14. “Time Spent On Hiring Is Time Well Spent.”

-Robert Half

15. “I Hire People Brighter Than Me And Then I Get Out Of Their Way”

-Lee Iacocca, Ford 

16. “You Cannot Push Anyone Up The Ladder Unless He Is Willing To Climb.”

-Andrew Carnegie

17. “Management Is Nothing More Than Motivating Other People.”

-Lee Iacocca, Ford 

18. “There Are Few, If Any, Jobs In Which Ability Alone Is Sufficient. Needed, Also, Are Loyalty, Sincerity, Enthusiasm And Team Play.”

-William B. Given, Jr.

19. “When People Go To Work, They Shouldn’t Have To Leave Their Hearts At Home.”

-Betty Bender

20. “One Machine Can Do The Work Of Fifty Ordinary Men. No Machine Can Do The Work Of One Extraordinary Man.”

-Elbert Hubbard

21. “To Find Joy In Work Is To Discover The Fountain Of Youth.”

-Pearl S. Buck

22. “One Of The Symptoms Of An Approaching Nervous Breakdown Is The Belief That One’s Work Is Terribly Important.”

-Bertrand Russell

23. “Opportunity Is Missed By Most People Because It Is Dressed In Overalls And Looks Like Work.” 

-Thomas A. Edison

24. “Far And Away The Best Prize That Life Offers Is The Chance To Work Hard At Work Worth Doing.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

25. ”Being Busy Does Not Always Mean Real Work. The Object Of All Work Is Production Or Accomplishment And To Either Of These Ends There Must Be Forethought, System, Planning, Intelligence, And Honest Purpose, As Well As Perspiration. Seeming To Do Is Not Doing.”

-Thomas A. Edison

26. “Going To Work For A Large Company Is Like Getting On A Train. Are You Going Sixty Miles An Hour Or Is The Train Going Sixty Miles An Hour And You’re Just Sitting Still?”

-J. Paul Getty

27. ”When Your Work Speaks For Itself, Don’t Interrupt.”

-Henry J. Kaiser

28. “The World Is Full Of Willing People, Some Willing To Work, The Rest Willing To Let Them.”

-Robert Frost

29. “People Might Not Get All They Work For In This World, But They Must Certainly Work For All They Get.”

-Frederick Douglass

30. “In Order That People May Be Happy In Their Work, These Three Things Are Needed: They Must Be Fit For It. They Must Not Do Too Much Of It. And They Must Have A Sense Of Success In It.”

-John Ruskin

31. “So Much Of What We Call Management Consists In Making It Difficult For People To Work.”

-Peter Drucker

32. ”Nothing Is Really Work Unless You Would Rather Be Doing Something Else.”

-James M. Barrie

33. “Real Success Is Finding Your Lifework In The Work That You Love.”

-David Mccullough

34. “The More I Want To Get Something Done, The Less I Call It Work.”

-Richard Bach

35. ”The Important Work Of Moving The World Forward Does Not Wait To Be Done By Perfect Men.”

--George Eliot

36. “Whenever It Is In Any Way Possible, Every Boy And Girl Should Choose As His Life Work Some Occupation Which He Should Like To Do Anyhow, Even If He Did Not Need The Money.”

-William Lyon Phelps

37. ”I’m A Great Believer In Luck, And I Find The Harder I Work The More I Have Of It.”

-Thomas Jefferson

38. ”You’ve Achieved Success In Your Field When You Don’t Know Whether What You’re Doing Is Work Or Play.”

-Warren Beatty

39. “The Test Of The Artist Does Not Lie In The Will With Which He Goes To Work, But In The Excellence Of The Work He Produces.”

-Thomas Aquinas

40. “The Secret Of Joy In Work Is Contained In One Word – Excellence. To Know How To Do Something Well Is To Enjoy It.”

-Pearl Buck

”Plans Are Only Good Intentions Unless They Immediately Degenerate Into Hard Work.”

-Peter Drucker

41. “Success In Business Requires Training And Discipline And Hard Work. But If You’re Not Frightened By These Things, The Opportunities Are Just As Great Today As They Ever Were.”

-David Rockefeller

42. The Only Vital Value An Enterprise Has Is The Experience, Skills, Innovativeness And Insights Of Its People

-Leif Edvinsson, Swedish Intellectual Capital Guru In Corporate Longitude (2002)

43. The Soft Stuff Is Always Harder Than The Hard Stuff

-Roger Enrico, Vice Chairman Of Pepsico, Referring To Areas Like Hrm As Opposed To Quantitative Factors In Fortune, November 27th, 1995

44. I Believe In The Adage: Hire People Smarter Than You And Get Out Of Their Way

-Howard Schultze, Ceo Of Coffee Chain Starbucks (1994)

45. Do You Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life Selling Sugared Water Or Do You Want A Chance To Change The World?

-Steve Jobs Of Apple Computer, Inviting John Scully, Then President Of Pepsico, To Join Apple In Fortune, September 14th, 1987

46. The Baring Family Lost Its Bank Because The Management Overempowered One Individual

-Nick Leeson, John Micklethwait In The Witch Doctors (1996)

47. Take Our 20 Best People Away, And I Will Tell You That Microsoft Would Become An Unimportant Company

-Bill Gates, Ceo Of Microsoft In Fortune, November 25th, 1996

48. True Motivation Comes From Achievement, Personal Development, Job Satisfaction, And Recognition

-Frederick Herzberg 1923-2000, Us Psychologist

49. If An Institution Wants To Be Adaptive, It Has To Let Go Of Some Control And Trust That People Will Work On The Right Things In The Right Way

-Robert B. Shapiro, Ceo Of Chemical Company Monsanto In Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb 1997

50. Always Recognize That Human Individuals Are Ends, And Do Not Use Them As Means To Your End

-Immanuel Kant 1724-1804, German Philosopher