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How to Help Remote Workers Feel Part of a Team

The rise of the remote workforce is a trend that no one can deny. While it was already starting before the pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing suddenly emphasized the need for remote teams to be in place. Today’s employers are now finding that remote teams can be incredibly productive and effective, allowing the business to occupy less physical space and thereby cut down on overhead expenses. But one challenge has popped up and that’s how you go about making remote workers feel part of a team?

How to Help Remote Workers Feel Part of a Team?

Here’s a look at some simple tips you can use that will ensure your staff feels like a team no matter where they’re located and working from.

Hold Weekly Virtual Meetings

The first way to make remote workers feel part of the team is to encourage communication by holding weekly virtual meetings. Even if nothing is pressing to discuss, this is an opportunity for everyone to check in with each other, share concerns or ideas, and start to create that sense of teamwork. They will realize they aren’t alone and they aren’t working in a void.

If possible, use a video chat service for the meetings such as Zoom so that it’s more personal.

Bring Remote Workers Into the Office Occasionally

Depending on the space available in the office, and where your remote staff is located, you may want to have them come into the office occasionally. Some businesses will ask remote staff to work in the office once a week, once a month or quarterly – whatever you see fit. It puts a face to the name and starts to solidify the work relationships that are so important to the success of a business.

Organize a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Why not inject some fun into the team-building exercises and have employees take part in a virtual scavenger hunt. There are companies you can use that do all the planning and work, making life easy for you and setting up something memorable and fun for staff. These kinds of activities also work great for companies that have a combination of in-person and remote workers, as they can all take place in this virtual activity.

With a scavenger hunt, employees will be working in teams, so be sure to team people up with others they may not usually work with or chat with. It will act as an icebreaker that way.

Use Tech Tools That Make Remote Employees Feel Connected

Technology will be your best tool in helping remote workers feel connected so look for apps, software, and other tools that encourage this kind of set-up. Platforms that allow them to chat in real-time, share data, charts, track projects, and so forth will improve communication and workflow.

The Remote Workforce Is the Present and Future

In terms of future trends, building a robust remote workforce is no longer in the distant future as the time has come. A remote workforce can offer all kinds of benefits for both employees and employers, so it’s time to embrace it and ensure that everyone feels part of a team.