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How to Make Stress Your Friend [Video]

How To Make Stress Your Friend – A Ted Talk by Kelly McGonigal

About this TED Speaker

Name: Kelly McGonigal

Profession: Health Psychologist

Scientific research: Relates to achieving personal goals despite inner conflict.

My take: She has beautifully brought out the fact that stress could actually be beneficial if perceived in the right way, as it creates resilience.

Instead of viewing stress as a thing that affects life expectancy, if you view your stress response as a good entity, it creates courage in you.

Another good thing about stress is that it makes you reach out to fellow human beings – either when you seek support or when you offer support.

How to make stress your friend

Visit her websitekellymcgonigal.com/

Twitter Handle@kellymcgonigal

Handling stress has become inevitable in work and personal life. Watching this video will definitely put you in a different yet positive perspective about stress.

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5 Mobile Apps That Help Relieve Stress And Anxiety.

  1. Relax Melodies –  A sleep aid app that helps you to unwind and relax through musical sounds and melodies. Suits people who find sleep a luxury.
  2. Headspace – Headspace is made for people who find it hard to make time for relaxation. In about 10-minutes, Headspace teaches the basics of meditation. The app also tracks your progress and lets you keep tabs on your friends’ practice.
  3. Breathe2RelaxThere are times when so much stress and anxiety builds up that we forget to simply breathe. Need to unwind? There’s an app for that. Breathe2Relax allows users to take a deep breathe to calm them down. The app guides you through breathing exercises to learn diaphragmatic breathing, and provides information on the effects stress has on the body.
  4. RestEasy: Sleep is one of the best ways to combat stress and anxiety. A good night’s sleep can make you feel more relaxed and allows you to start the day off on a fresh note. But whether its money, work, family life or just plain ole’ distraction keeping you up at night, sleeping seems easier said than done. Rest easy, because there are plenty of apps to help you track and better manage your realm cycle.
  5. Happify: The app uses a series of positive-thinking activities  such as posting about something you’re grateful for or imagining what it would be like in someone else’s shoes — based on what they call the “Science of Happiness.”