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How to Ship Wine Safely Overseas

Wine is a very temperamental product to ship, with temperatures, light exposure and awkward bottle shapes and sizes, along with the fragility of the product proving a lot to think about before sending your bottles overseas. When you’re sending such a product, you want to be confident that it will arrive to its destination safely so that you can look forward to benefitting from all your hard work and receive profits and greater brand recognition. Here are some simple tips to ensure that your wine order arrives safely.

How to Ship Wine Safely Overseas

Make Sure the Bottles Are Packaged Well

It is best to make sure that wine bottles don’t have any chance to move around while in transit and there are a variety of ways to make this happen. Firstly, use cardboard boxes to stand the bottles upright, clearly stating on the box the way up that the package should be handled. The best cardboard for the job is double walled and highly durable. Then, ensure that all empty spaces in the box are filled either with cardboard dividers, bubble wrap or air pockets to stop the bottles meeting each other.

If there are no cardboard boxes on the market that fit the requirements of your wine bottles either due to shape, size, or weight, then it is best to source a company that can produce custom made boxes. With companies like these, you are often able to choose a corrugated cardboard option, which might be slightly pricier but provides maximum protection for your bottles.

Understand Shipment Regulations and Wine Shipment Laws

There is no point in just sending your bottles off into the unknown; you’d just be wasting your time and money once the packages get turned around and either sent back to you or held in up customs. Therefore, it’s best to know what you are setting yourself up for in the beginning, so make sure you read up about state laws and regulations, weight and size requirements and the climate that you can expect in different destinations. If this sounds like a lot of extra paperwork, then shipping insurance companies such as Cabrella can handle these details for you and insure your wine to arrive in almost any country without any legal issues.

Check the Packaging Suits Your Particular Wine

Not all wines should be sent standing upright – it depends what wine you are dealing with. Wines that have more age will likely have been stored in their cellar/warehouse lying down to prevent disturbing them too much and letting the cork dry out. This means that it’s best to also package them this way to receive the best feedback on their quality.

Furthermore, remember that sparkling wines have a lot of pressure and a greater area of exposed cork which means they need to be treated with even more precaution. White wines might also need to be shipped at cooler temperatures.

There are many things to consider when ensuring your wine order arrives safely to its destination; however, if you follow these tips and keep your bottles safely packaged and understand how they need to be treated, they should arrive ready for drinking.