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How You Can Balance Discipline and Friendliness as a Manager

Being someone’s enemy isn’t exactly what you want to deal with in the workplace. Having a conflict, misunderstanding, or just even rubbing someone the wrong way can put even more stress into your work life. Although this is something every working company is going to experience at some stage, you just need to hope that you are not a part of it. If you are a manager, however, then you may be a top contender for this. Being overly disciplined can lead to staff members resenting or disliking you. This can then lead to a lack of cooperation or respect.

How you can balance discipline and friendliness as a manager.

It is not a good idea to just counteract your discipline with friendliness. Many, usually new, managers are too afraid to apply discipline for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. Although you might be everyone’s’ friend, it could harm the business. A lack of discipline is something that causes lots of cracks and issues throughout any business. Employees start taking things for granted and their working mentality might be affected. Finding a balance between the two is hard. However, it is something you should strive for in your manager role. Acting in the following manners can help you to apply this.

Setting Rules and Protocols

From the first day that you are the manager, it is time to get started on this balance. One of the best early decisions you could make is setting rules and protocols within the company. Having a strict list of rules means that you won’t have to make too many disciplinary judgement calls. If someone breaks the rule and the discipline has already been stated, then no one can judge you for being too harsh – you are just abiding by the rules. This can also be the case for the likes of routine checks. You don’t want to feel as if you are targeting employees, so having a scheduled check for everyone can help to avoid this. An example of this could be routine drug and alcohol testing. Start each week by using mobile drug testing that comes to you in your business. Being consistent with this means no one will feel targeted.

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Hearing Employees Out

Employees are not going to agree with everything you say. Although these disagreements are common, you shouldn’t presume they are wrong just because you are the manager. Doing this will bridge a gap between employee equality, and your workers may feel belittled. So, in any instance from appealing a dispute or even just a suggestion, make sure you are hearing people out with open ears.

Being Friendly

When you are not disciplining someone or needing to act at your most professional, try to be as friendly as you can. Making small talk in the canteen is not going to affect the productivity of your business. What it might do instead is show employees that you are not such a bad person, even if you have had to apply discipline in the past.