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Ideal Team Development

Ideal Team Development

How to effect ideal team development?

As the saying goes, there is no ‘I’ in TEAM WORK. Every organization should understand the importance and highlight the need for TEAM DEVELOPMENT amongst their employees.

In a small group there are chances for the ‘WE’ feeling to predominate for obvious reasons. In case of larger groups as seen in big corporate, individual interaction becomes complex and gives rise to conflicts which hold back the progress.


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The “I” Factor:

Even philosophers don’t support or advocate the “I” FACTOR in individuals. It is purely a result of SUPER EGO as Sigmund Freud has put it rightly.

Man is a MYRIAD OF EMOTIONS and his mind always picks up wrong cues and signals perfectly. So, TRAINING plays a major part in tuning the individual’s mind or shall I say, SYNCHRONISING his understanding with that of the organisation’s.


ideal team development

Try to clearly explain during the induction as to:

  • What is the ultimate goal of your organization in terms of productivity?
  • What is expected of each individual in his own capacity?
  • What is the culture of the organization?
  • What is the leader of the organization like?
  • How do you interact with your team mates?
  • Code of conduct and disciplinary procedures
  • What is his role regarding the team’s development?


Ideal Team Development Tips for Managers

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Self Awareness:

Self awareness is the key factor for the growth of any individual.A mind that is PHILOSOPHICALLY BENT would prove prosperity to the team as well as the organization.

Western countries have realized the importance of keeping the mind cool which can be well achieved through MEDITATION AND YOGA.

Sensitivity training is of paramount importance to any organization as an intervention for achieving the overall goals of the organization.


Results of effective team building

  Results of effective team building

Inter Personal Human Behavior:

Effective human interactions are the backbone of efficient organizations and this is not possible unless the interpersonal human behavior is CONTROLLABLE AND OPEN TO DISCUSSION.

There should always be SCOPE for improvement and SPACE to express one’s feelings and offer ideas, i.e., sense of participation must be groomed.

Team leaders and Managers are to be suitably trained to steer their ship and also rewards are welcome to motivate the crew.

Why don’t leaders experiment with new behavior of effective leadership casting away conservative methods and also design flexible norms? It will constitute for a well behaved group and paves way for your organization to be UNIQUE.

While organizing a group, a manager should carry out the process with a humane perspective taking into account, the human values, vision, creative thinking and better means of motivation. These factors align and bind the organization together paving way for holistic thinking and collaborative action.