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Instagram Branding Basics Checklist

“We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”

You can have a smooth ride or a rough ride or be gone forever amidst the cacophony. It all depends on your understanding as to how the process works and how you shall progress taking all the odds into account.

“Start With Your Brand’s Why”

  • Why – Brand Purpose
  • How – Brand Vision
  • What – Brand Mission
Instagram Branding Basics Checklist

Here I list the Basics of Brand Strategy for a better understanding before delving into the power of the magic wand that Instagram holds to promote your business.

  • Why –Why are you in business?
  • Value Proposition – What do you offer?
  • What’s so unique about you?
  • Target Audience – Who is it for?
  • Visual Appeal – How does it look like?
  • Messaging – What does it feel like?

The crux is anyone can sell a product. But can you create a memorable experience for the customer and lure them to come back again and again?

Apple, the technology giant has surpassed many of its competitors by employing story telling to invoke the emotion of the customers  and add sensory dimension to overall delivery and make it less like shopping.

“Successful companies in social media function more like entertainment companies, publishers, or party planners than as traditional advertisers.”

You have to remember this when you want to win big in Instagram.

Key Instagram Metrics

Reach – The number of unique views

Impressions – The number of views

Website taps – The number of times someone has tapped through to the link in your bio

Call-to-Actions aka “CTAs” are important in social media, in ad campaigns, in digital display or in search ads. They help guide the audience to your goal and increase visibility of an offer. Here are 7 CTAs to use in Instagram without moderation! 

  1. Double tap if you …
  2. Watch our stories for…
  3. Send me a DM if you…
  4. Tag a friend who…
  5. Click the link in the bio to…
  6. Follow for more!
  7. Share with your friend who…

5 Instagram Growth Tips

  • Interact 30 min daily
  • Make your account SEO optimised
  • Stay active and interact with the community
  • Show up everyday and stay consistent
  • Use optimized hastags

The best way to start out your Instagram branding strategy is by looking at the content you’re creating. Come up with the best strategy for ensuring your content has a similar look and feel across the board. (@sproutsocial)

Types of Instagram Grid Patterns
  • Use a rainbow or ombré look throughout your Instagram feed.
  • Stick with a single focus color for all of your content.
  • Find a photo edit effect or filter you like and use it for all images evenly.
  • Create a pattern with graphics and photos throughout your feed.
  • Put together a grid where your photos have elements that overlap.
Instagram feed color coordination -Blue

Usually the color palette for a colorful theme is: blue, pink, green, red, orange. You can’t go wrong with this color combination. All these colors will be around you in summer! (@thepreviewapp)

Think about a tropical getaway: blue sky, blue water, pink flowers, pink sunsets, green trees.

Develop an irresistible feed in no time

Always plan your content ahead of time and use a content calendar to organize your thoughts. Its not wise not to have a content plan and randomly publish a post. Consistency is the key in any social media platform and Insta is no exception.

Slowly you’ll see your audience building up – those people who are truly interested in what you have to offer and these people are your “Insta Warriors” who will help build your brand by spreading the word across their network.

Pre designed ready to download instagram feed templates

Many pre-made design templates are available for download that you can instantly edit and customize to suit your needs. (@ksioks)

This blog post introduces you to the basic concepts of branding and focuses on how to use these branding strategies to make your presence felt on Instagram.