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Job Satisfaction

Are You Happy with Your Job

What is your attitude towards Job?

How many of us go to work with cheery attitude and positive framework of mind.

Most of us treat work as a duty or accountability. Either way it does not solve the purpose.

If you treat job as a duty, there can never be any enjoyment attached to it.

In case of accountability, you work to reach some targets without any passion for the job or you spend most of your time dreading the thought of reporting to your superior.

Without involvement and love, any job is not complete and people experience only “Job Satis-friction“and not satisfaction. Have you thought about it?

job satisfaction

Scenario in Developing Countries:

In most of the developing countries the proportion of dissatisfied group dominates the satisfied set of employees.

This is because preference and priority is to earn the daily bread rather than achieving anything big.

Well, this attitude shall be attributed to the low income group where without work their lives cannot go on. But the bottom line remains the same, the work should be satisfying. So, what are the terms?

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High Income Group:

In high income group and higher level jobs where the work is very challenging, we see that the employees are very much satisfied with their work.

They need constant battles to win over and are provided with such an environment that puts their think tanks into full use.

But is it enough to keep them satisfied; no, the reward system has to be equally compensatory.

Rewards in terms of pay, perks, recognition, appreciation, social status, awards and what not. So, how do we correlate satisfaction factor with productivity? The organization has to maximize the positive relationship between performance and reward systems.

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30 Simple Ways to Make Your Employees Happier
30 Simple Ways to Make Your
Employees Happier

Repetitive and Monotonous Jobs:

Repetitive and monotonous jobs make a person dull headed and a stereotype; his enthusiasm is absorbed to the extent that he fails to understand and rejuvenate his skills.

The job content should provide at least some sort of cheer and interest to the performing individual.

Say for instance, you manufacture plain paper cups, if you decide to incorporate some floral designs on the covers; you very well witness a fresh whiff of enthusiasm amongst your work force.

Such is the power of variety and change that brings cheer into human lives and attitude.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

If you are a terrific boss everybody will like you but if you are a source of terror, chances are there that there is a high turnover ratio in your company.

People after all expect certain level of consideration and warmth from their bosses. Organizations must make the individuals perceive their roles properly to affirm satisfaction and to avoid conflicts.

Career Advancement:

Five point career development model

Courtesy – Roscostretch

Career advancement is what most of the people aspire and when they don’t find any scope for advancement their interest in the job gradually decreases.

Merit versus experience factor also has its say over deciding the next probable candidate for promotion.

The top level management, especially the human resource department must ensure the employees with a supportive environment that paves the road for collaborative effort and in turn internal satisfaction.

Job Satisfaction:

Job satisfaction has to be considered from a broader perspective that encompasses all the independent and dependent variables that affect the nature of a particular job.

This is very vital to an organization as job dissatisfaction leads to absenteeism, high turn over or attrition and decline in productivity.

A dissatisfied employee is always a pain who can create problems by voicing his protest, gathering the union, neglecting his work or quitting.

To avoid friction in the minds of employees, try to create a cordial atmosphere that promises a positive approach to upgrade the employees and also to empower them in due course of time.