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Management Skills for New Managers

Management Skills for New Managers

Management is a critical part of any business; joining the ranks of the management team requires new set of skills beyond simply performing a task or accomplishing a goal.

An efficient manager today must be equipped with skills to manage a diverse, talented, and mulch-generational group of professionals, often with limited resources, finances, and training.

Having an understanding of the dynamics of successful management provides the new manager the opportunity to be successful in their new roles.

management skills for new managers


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10 must-have skills for managers right now:

Skill 1: How to establish your authority – immediately. New managers often face difficulties when asked to manage former colleagues. Learn specific skills that will help you walk this difficult line.

Also, if you’re new to the company, you’ll learn how to establish your authority immediately.

Skill 2: How to establish a management strategy. Learn the questions you must ask before you commit to a management philosophy.

The worst thing you can do is have a “shoot-from-the-hip strategy”. Why? Because it causes confusion and makes you appear unorganized and unknowledgeable.

Find out which management philosophy works best for you, when you listen to our newest management Audio CD.

Skill 3: How to get rid of self-doubt. Learn the one action you can take immediately to eliminate your self-doubt, and build a powerful and confident self-esteem.

Skill 4: How to gain power by giving it away. Gain the immediate support of your department by learning this one necessary skill that all smart managers use to get their employees’ support.

Skill 5: How to hire the absolute best employees. Eventually, if not already, you’ll be asked to hire others to join your team.

Don’t make the mistake that rookie managers make – and even some seasoned professionals.

Get the specific information you’ll need on hiring the right people – and the questions you must ask – and learn how to weed out the best from the rest.

Skill 6: How to create a successful team. Learn the 5 stages of every team’s development, and you’ll begin to understand the workings of a successful team. You’ll also learn how to create, monitor, and evaluate a successful team.

Skill 7: How to evaluate employee performance. Did you know that even seasoned managers fear the evaluation process?

When you learn how to evaluate your employees – with complete honesty – you’ll become a top-notch, respected, and successful manager. (It’s worth getting the Audio CD for this alone.)

Skill 8: How to set goals and expectations. Did you know that the best goals answer only 3 questions? You can learn them now and use them immediately.

Skill 9: How to get employees to do what YOU want. It’s necessary and essential that you monitor your employees on a regular basis – which means this: You must be prepared to give critical feedback.

This is the key skill to getting employees to do what you want. Learn the steps you must take when giving honest and critical feedback – and you’ll develop healthy relationships with all your employees.

Skill 10: How to communicate so employees listen to you. The worst thing that can ever happen is that employees stop listening to you. Don’t let it happen.