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Predictions for 2015 Holiday Shopping Season

As Halloween the beloved festival observed in many countries is fast approaching, the retail market is like steaming hot. Manufacturers and Marketers are on a constant roll to maximize the sales volume with a decent margin. Christmas follows suit and the market enthusiasm is never going to boil down. People will be on a “Shopping Spree” and will definitely not mind spending a few extra bucks on their purchases. So, how the retail market which is going to be the shopping hub react to this “Mega Holiday Shopping?”

Holiday are important for many online retailers

In some cases, small business owners might see a significant portion of total annual sales in just a couple of months. Understanding what to expect in terms of growth or trends may help with planning your holiday season. The holiday shopping season will start long before or . In fact, at least 25 percent of holiday shoppers in the United States will purchase a Christmas gift before Halloween.

Year after year, online retail sales outpace retail sales overall, and 2015 will be no exception. But regardless of where a product is sold, it will be a good year for retail.

4 Predictions for the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season

Early shopping, Ecommerce Sales Growth, Improved , and will be among the most important ecommerce trends during the 2015 Christmas shopping season, which lasts from the end of October through December 24.

Two things will make email even better this holiday season

First, expect to see more companies automate email messages, so that when shoppers make a holiday purchase they will see follow up messages that are designed to make additional sales and retain those holiday customers all year long.

Second, email marketers are getting better at segmentation and personalization, which, in turn, should make an already effective vehicle even better.

Halloween and Christmas holiday shopping 2015

If You Make Your Customers Happy You are a Winner!

Three factors will continue to push growth for mobile ecommerce

First, even more sites are responsive and mobile optimized. Having a responsive website is not a competitive advantage in 2015; it is a competitive requirement.

Second, as smartphone screens get larger, mobile ecommerce becomes easier. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is 5.65 inches tall and 2.78 inches wide. The iPhone 6 Plus is 6.22 inches tall and 3.06 inches wide with a 5.5 inch HD display. On devices like these, it is simply easier to shop.

Third, mobile payment options are improving, again making it easier to shop from a smartphone.

Curated from 4 Predictions for 2015 Holiday Shopping Season | Practical Ecommerce

How to prep your ecommerce store for holiday shoppers

Even though it’s only early October, if you’re online isn’t already gearing up for the holiday season, you may miss out on revenue. So what should you and your staff be doing now to ensure your ecommerce store is able to handle the extra holiday-related traffic?

  1. Don’t make any drastic changes to navigation or layout right now
  2. Make certain your site can handle the additional holiday traffic 
  3. Ensure your site is up to speed
  4. Show that your site is secure
  5. Ensure you’re properly stocked – and can re-order inventory quickly if necessary
  6. Staff up
  7. Make sure people can shop from a variety of devices
  8. Optimize images and give your site a festive feel
  9. Showcase top-rated items – and offer gift suggestions
  10. Alert customers to holiday shipping deadlines
  11. Offer live chat
  12. Add a gift-wrap option
  13. Offer free shipping
  14. Provide hassle free exchanges/returns
  15. Make checking out easy
  16. Provide a self-service option so customers can check on shipping and get answers to FAQs

Ultimately the customers must leave your store as happy individuals, sated and pleased. They should feel that they have got the worth for the money being shelled out. Online stores have the additional responsibility of making every shopper feel important  through proper and polite interactions (pop-up messages and email notifications), on-time delivery and authenticity.