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Pro Blogging Tips for Beginners

Pro Blogging Tips for Beginners

This post brings you very useful information from pro-bloggers in the likes of Jeff Bullas.

For some blogging may be a passion…

For some blogging is a pastime…

But lately…

Blogging has become business

Blogging is the source of income for many…

Follow these excellent tips from blogging and digital marketing experts that will guide you through all the hassles.

I have tried to summarize the key points that will give you a fair idea about the blogging bascis. Here they come…

A. Top 5 Tips That Can Make You a Successful Blogger

1. Get started with the right platform

The very first challenge will be  choosing the right blogging platform. There are a lot of free blogging platforms  like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Type Pad.

All these offer free design themes that can be customized to suit your purpose. But it is always better to go for a self-hosted blog if you plan to convert your blog as a business in the long run.

2. Consider integration

Getting your blog integrated with an existing website in order to build the content is good for SEO and also make the search engines fond of your content.

SEO is all about keywords in your content  and concentrating on this aspect becomes inevitable. Long tail keywords attract lot of traffic since the competition will be less.

3. Finding a niche

Your blog must talk about something spectacularly specific or offer solutions to specific problems to please both the readers as well as the search engines.

4. Write about something that you love

When you write about something that you are passionate about, you will enjoy doing it and you will also be good at it.

5. Offer something of value

The blogs you write must be of something that the readers will value. This means you must offer them something in return for spending time reading your blog.

Your blog will never be a success if you aren’t providing something of value.

Such is the power of information and when you do it right, you win.

This excellent Infographic compiled by Twelveskip.com lists down


pro blogging tips for beginners

Following is a detailed post about “It’s All About Data! Measuring the Effectiveness of Content Marketing” from Onlyonemike.com. A very resourceful post that gives info on how to monitor content performance metrics and determine how to boost and improve content marketing in the future.



B. Are You Making These Twenty Mistakes on Your Blog?

Writing a blog is both a joy and frustration as you try and work out the ways to let readers on the world wide web discover you and let them know you exist.

You have only a few seconds to help the reader decide whether they want to read your post or not so a headline that compels and teases the visitor to your blog or who sees your headline on a Tweet is a must in driving readership.

Try COSCHEDULE HEADLINE ANALYSER that gives you a clear insight whether your post title rocks or sucks..

List posts such as “10 Ways To..” or The 5 Top …” are always effective. These might seem redundant and overused but the fact remains they work.

Some bloggers wonder why they have no one reading their articles. I sometimes wonder how some blogs are ever found in an ocean of over 200 million blogs.

So the challenge is that the writing is just the beginning and promoting your posts is the next step in driving readership and building a loyal following in your industry or niche.

This excellent Infographic compiled by Classycareergirl.com lists down

15 Major Blogging Mistakes to Avoid



C. 27 Reasons People aren’t Reading Your Posts

You can’t create compelling content without an in-depth knowledge of your audience. Personas not only help you create better content, but they also help guide your topics, strategy and monetization efforts.

If you have a serious brand, but write in a laid-back, silly fashion, you create a brand misalignment. And when this happens, you confuse readers and detach them from what you’re saying.

This same question may have popped into your mind. I know it’s one I’ve struggled with before. Every new blogger has struggled with the concept of traffic, audience and building a successful blog.

And that’s why many give up on their blogging before they see success.

Note: You’ll be getting hundreds of social shares, comments, and thousands of visitors if you make friends with just 50 bloggers who share your interests.

Note: Don’t forget to create a separate spreadsheet where you can add all your friends. Take notes. These are the people who will help and support you later down the road, when you write them a personal email and ask them to evaluate your blog posts. (Vote for them in communities and share their work on social media.)

Note: Subscribe to 100 people a day, and unsubscribe from those who haven’t followed you back after 2-3 days. Crowdfire and ManageFlitter will help you with this.

Note: Properly gauge the strength you’re going to be exerting on promotion. If you don’t have much time, you should choose key phrases that consist of at least 3-4 words.

Note: In Ahrefs, you should be able to do up to 5 free analyses of your competitors each day. Make it a habit to find 5 new competitors each day and save the results in a spreadsheet. To create a free account on Ahrefs, you’ll need to start by signing up for a 14-day free trial of their standard plan. You can cancel your subscription later, when the trial period is over.

This excellent Infographic again compiled by Twelveskip.com lists down

Checklist: 22 Must-Have Elements Of An Effective Blog


D. 20 Simple Tips for Writing a Blog Post That Begs to be Read

We live in the era of ever decreasing attention and the art of keeping the reader engaged has now become an ongoing creative and scientific experiment of verbal and visual seduction.

Skimming the article is the norm and with so much information competing for everyone’s attention, honing those writing skills is required to ensure that the information your post promised in the headline is transparently and readily available as your readers eyes scan the page.

So writing that awesome headline has made the reader turn up but then you have to continue to entice, tease and intrigue the reader with the promise of more information, possible entertainment or a solution to the problem so that they will read on.

The reality though is that the headline is just the start!… you want your visitor to stay and  read the whole article rather than bounce out to another website in an era of ‘click and go’.

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of your title and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire article.

For each category of content that you want to blog about, start thinking of content ideas and associating them with keyword phrases.

Use keyword tools (Google AdWords Keyword Tool is often recommended but I often simply use Google Suggest) to research niche key phrases and check out the competition.

Avoid choosing the most popular keywords as these will already be covered by high-ranking bloggers, and you are unlikely to achieve high search engine rankings with these.

Instead, choose a more specific, potentially long tail key phrase; include it in the blog post title and the body of the post. Better yet, optimize your blog for SEO with Scribe using this target key phrase.

E. 8 Insanely Simple Blog Marketing Tips

Whatever the purpose of your blog, you almost certainly want to reach as large an audience as possible, so here are 8 insanely simple tips for marketing your blog and increasing subscribers:

1. Customize the appearance of your blog with a logo and page template that separates you from other bloggers. If you use a common template, such as a WordPress theme, customize it with unique images and colors.

2. Keep the colors and theme consistent throughout your blog and any other associated content that you produce. The aim is to create a unique brand that subscribers will eventually feel familiar with over time, which WordPress allows you to easily do.

3. Don’t forget to also use interesting and relevant photos in a consistent way as eye candy on each blog post.

4. Better yet, include an educational video on each blog post, whether your own or created by someone else, as a way to add further value to your blog posts.

5. Keep it clean and simple, and include a sitemap and friendly help pages to guide visitors around your blog.

Most of the popular blog hosts have various types of plug-ins and options that allow you to create customized menus to file your content into categories; use these options to organize your posts and links to related content.

6. Don’t forget to add a blog search bar!

7. Set up buttons on your posts that visitors can use to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Google+ and other popular social networking sites, and add an ‘Email this’ or ‘Tell a friend’ option.

8. Include RSS subscription options for your site, and submit your RSS feed to reputable directories. My recommendations on my Top 15 Social Media WordPress Plugins for 2011 post included DiggDigg for your social buttons and Feedblitz for RSS subscription management (and more!).

This excellent presentation by Bizzibee  lists down 

10 blog post ideas when you are stuck for blog post ideas



Once you start blogging, you will soon want to increase the number of website visitors and RSS subscribers as well as get the word out about your blog. The problem, though, is that if your blog isn’t set up and maintained right, you could be promoting your blog to a transient audience.