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Real Estate Postcard Templates: Check Out our List to Find Your Absolute Go-To’s

Real estate postcards are a wise option for gaining clients and leads. When utilized correctly, they can take you from having one or two clients a month to a possible five or more. However, the best part about these postcards is that trusted sites offer high-quality templates that can give you the best cards to mail.

You can also customize them to your needs and ensure that your brand is being shown. Please keep reading to see which real estate postcard templates people are taking advantage of to make their business grow.

Just Listed Templates

Just listed real estate postcard templates offer your potential clients the opportunity to see what kind of homes you could help them buy. The template is simple with a highly professional look, but you utilize your fonts and colors around your headshot and a picture of the home.

You should have information about the house underneath the image so that it doesn’t detract from what you want the client to see.

Real Estate Postcard Templates and mailers.

Just Sold Real Estate Postcard Templates

Just sold real estate postcard templates are another option that you can use. Just as popular as the listed postcards, you will see that the setup is a little different. Your headshot will sit on the side much as the other option.

However, there is less writing cluttering the card. Instead of a paragraph of information that lets clients know why they want the home, you let the picture speak for itself. The photos of the home you sold give the client an impression of why they want you to sell them home like the one in the picture. It avoids distractions and is clear-cut as a result.

Clients Love A Free Offer

When you want to gain someone’s attention, you should remember that people love getting things for free. It makes them feel special and that you have provided an excellent service for them. That is where the real estate postcard templates for special offers come in.

With cards like these, you are focusing on the free offer. As such, your headshot will be smaller, and instead, the inspection or evaluation you are offering is at the forefront. That is because you want to ensure that the person is paying attention. Bolder colors can be used here, but the look is still professional and all business while at the same time drawing the eye where it needs to go.

The Look Is All You

With customizable real estate postcard templates, you can make the cards look the way you need them to. Use an adequately lit headshot, and it shows you as a real estate agent who knows how to get the job done.

Take advantage of the business-like look that each template will offer you, and you will see the clients become drawn to you. That will help when you want to expand your business beyond the parameters that you have been dealing with thus far.