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Secrets To Build A Great Company Culture

Building A Strong Organizational Culture Made Easy

Company culture can be defined as the personality of the company. It perfectly blends the company’s vision, workspace ethics, values, and employee behavior to emerge as a brand image. This image is the one you showcase to your customers and employees.

Your company culture will make you stand out from the crowd and help your customers identify you as a unique entity.

Now, let us take a look at a few companies that strongly imbibes a unique company culture. Google, consistently ranked the best company for exceptional organizational culture, is a great place to work with free food, nap pods, game stations, and slides. All this together makes the office nothing short of a playground for grown-ups.

Google's Company Culture

Apple is another company that follows a collaborative teamwork environment and allows its employees to be equal contributors to its vision. No wonder the IT giant retains its spot as the most desirable place to work!

What Makes these Corporate Cultures so Appealing and Attractive?

Studies reveal that employees who are content with their workplaces are the ones who are more productive. With worldwide data suggesting an increased employee turnover due to a highly stressful work culture, it’s high time organizations start giving more importance to it.

An employee monitoring software will help you keep track of your team’s activities and keep an eye on their work interactions. A less compassionate work environment, lack of mutual respect between colleagues, and biased treatment indicate that you need to improve the company culture as soon as possible.

Five ways to build strong company culture

A Strong Company Vision

Your company imbibes your vision and personality. No matter how well your company grows, the culture you had envisioned drives you forward consistently.

Vision Mission and Values

These core principles build a strong foundation for your company. As the company grows and resources add up, your company image tends to carry the traits of the employees and their understanding of the organizational structure. This makes it highly imperative to lay a deliberate foundation of the company culture that carries forth the founder’s vision and values.

A Happy Working Space

Allowing the employees to be their true selves and encouraging them to come up with innovative ideas to fulfill the company vision increases their engagement. You can even conduct surveys and team bonding exercises like fun activities or informal gatherings to lighten the atmosphere. Remember! A happy employee is a highly productive employee!

An Empathetic Management

Always acknowledge an employee’s efforts and ensure that they never feel left out. Use employee tracking software to track their work activities and reward the highly committed team members. Shower them with surprises like work anniversary wishes or birthday celebrations. Extend support to your colleagues if they require help and understand how sound they are physically and mentally.

Best Practices to Build a Great Company Culture

Right Retention Strategies

A performance-based culture is the key to retaining the top talents in an organization. First, define your goals and objectives. Next, ensure that you maintain transparent performance data about your employees. This will help you retain the best talents by introducing retention programs or training to help them realize their importance in the growth and future of the company.

A Team That Appreciates Talents

A company culture with honest recognition and appreciation can establish a positive work environment. Also, it will prompt each employee to take pride in contributing to the company’s growth. Recognition plays a vital part in inspiring and motivating the employees.

An employee-first culture is indeed the way forward. Ensure that your company culture imbibes this quality and makes the work environment fun and productive at the same time.