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Setting Up a Home Office in Your Bedroom

Can I work from home in my bedroom?

For individuals who require more privacy than the living room or kitchen can provide, your bedroom is an ideal location for a cozy workstation or home office. You may turn your sleeping area into a productivity factory by using every inch of living space with a few basic tips.

How do I set up a work from home office in my bedroom?

The office is changing by definition. ‘We’ve discovered that the ‘office’ is no longer limited to cubicles and closed-off places. It is as much about creating comfortable, accessible places that prioritise natural light and views.’

One thing that is of utmost priority when accomodating a work space in your place of relaxation would be the right spot. This can be really tricky as you share this space with your spouse and most of the parents with small kids.

Nevertheless, where there is a will, there is a way. Sometimes the cozy comfort of your bedroom can be a tool to improve productivity. Another added benefit is that you can monitor small babies even while you are at work.

Setting up a home office in your bedroom.

First, consider what you require from your bedroom office and what your priorities are. Consider the nature of your job and its requirements.

Do you require a large surface desk to be creative with your hands, several displays, or do you like to keep the peace of your bedroom with only a little desk that transforms back into a dressing table as you close your laptop shut at night? Consider these criteria when designing the bedroom office space.

Five Workable Ideas for Home Office – Bedroom Combo

1. Maintain a low-key atmosphere in the bedroom office by using all white and minimal furniture. The floating wall shelves can be utilised for both workplace essentials and bedroom decor. A simple desk and chair make it simple to relocate or remove if necessary!

An ergonomic chair, a floating desk and two shelves.

2. Ladder Desk – When it comes to creating a workspace in the bedroom, it is critical to maximise the available space. Sometimes it only takes one key piece of furniture to change a bedroom into a modest working bedroom. In the bedroom corner, this ladder shelf makes a basic but useful workspace.

Ladder dek - space saver in a bedroom.

3. Peg Rail Above the Desk – I like how the peg rail has been incorporated into the wall design. Perfect for displaying accessories, with a shelf on top. There’s plenty of room beneath to stretch out your work.

Home office desk with peg rail above to hang things.

4. Wall mounted workstation – It takes a few interior design tips to make a compact bedroom office combo function beautifully and efficiently. If possible, use a wall-mounted workstation to keep the floor clear. This space-saving design from can be flipped closed at the end of the day, and there’s even a specific compartment within the unit for notebooks and tablets.

Wall mounted work station a total killer when it comes to space saving.

5. Find a dead corner or space – There can be ‘dead’ space in most rooms, most typically in corners. This is where you can put your desk; it doesn’t have to be precisely arranged. To ensure cohesiveness, choose a workstation and chair that complements the rest of your bedroom concept.

Corner space converted into work station.