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Social Media Automation – How to do it Right

Social Media Automation – Do’s & Dont’s

Social Media Automation can help small businesses to be in constant touch with the customers. That is the very idea, right!

Brands have to establish themselves for which they need to be in the limelight everyday.

It might be quite appealing for sometime to rely on automation but automation minus personal touch makes you lose your customers forever. They look for brands that are dynamic, trustworthy and interactive.

10 best social media automation tools by managementguru.net

The helpful automation apps becoming reasons for followers to distance themselves from your brand does sound terrible.

Here is a list that conveys the sentiments of target audience, highlights the dark side of social media automation and how with simple steps you could solve these problems.

Top 10 social media automation tools.

Automate in Moderation

It is always better to automate in moderation, else you lose the connect with the customer. Schedule four to five updates with different headline variations all at once to post throughout the week.

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Content Distribution Rule

Let the content distribution follow the 50-30-20 rule, 50% of others’ content, 30% own content and 20% of non-work related content.

Give it a Pause

Hit pause on automation to focus on major events you organize.

Shape up the Editorial Calendar

Don’t ya think it is wiser to automate your non-urgent posts like quotefortheday or Mondaymotivation!

Coordinate your regular features and columns with your ongoing editorial calendar. The goal is to make sure that your blog is orchestrated with your marketing, PR initiatives and other corporate communications.

Best times to post on social media platforms 2020

Mix Up Your Content for Better Results

Mix up your content to avoid monotony– use videos, hashtags, images and boy oh boy, don’t forget to use URL shorteners.

This step is used to only apply to posting links on Twitter, but with the addition of analytics (click-through tracking) on many of the URL shortening services, posting a shortened URL on any of your social sites is a smart strategy .

Encourage Conversations With Your Audience

Assign personnel to quickly respond to queries on social media –‘coz customers’ love when they know they are being heard. 

Encourage conversations, even “bad” comments can be an opportunity for developing good customer relations.

Create an Ideal Posting Frequency

Create an ideal posting frequency and find where your followers are online. Your readers should be in line with your blog’s goals.

When describing potential readers, it’s a good idea to differentiate  them in terms of demographics, psychographics and past behaviors.

Also, consider how this segment behaves on social media: are they people who create content, comment on content or just read content.

Follow Up

Read articles before automating and regularly check when automated messages go live.

Make it Personal

Add a personal touch to scheduled messages – it creates trust.

Give Offers and Discounts

Organize tweet-chats, involve audience in conversation, and give lot of freebies and discounts.