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Stress Management

Did you know that without your knowledge, your health might be deteriorating due to pressure at work. Effective stress management is the only way out to become happier, healthier, and more productive. 

Whatever we do or say has a direct effect on our physiological processes as it affects our psyche-both positive and negative.

While positive vibes act as a booster to our health, enhances the morale causing increased productivity which is “THE CONTRIBUTION FACTOR” in corporate organisations, negative vibes causes distress to the party affected and in-turn the organisation.

Though in a small way, which is enough to cause great distress waves amonsgt the entire organisation through grapevine.

Stress Management

Morale Surveys

Therefore, it becomes necessary that every organisation takes some  time to understand and analyse the mind-set of their employees to maintain the entire health of their firm.

This can be done through surveys or questionnaires which serve as best platforms that shoulder employees’ opinion.

On the side of the individual, he also should spare some time, from time-to-time to analyse his attitude towards the organisation and his/her colleagues and how it affects his/her performance.

Management scholars say that “SELF-APPRAISAL” is the best tool for enhanced organisational performance and productivity.

What is Stress? 

It is very important to understand what stress is, to combat it.

The main causes of stress

Stress is nothing but a condition where people get excited emotionally or in other words ” a disturbed mental state” affecting the well-being.

The causal agents may be physiological  which can be medically treated or emotional which we are more worried about as emotionally unstable individuals cannot think properly which again leads to physical distress.

It becomes therefore vital to know how we perceive and interpret things through our cognitive skills, again influenced by environmental factors to a considerable extent.

People, particularly working in corporate environment and IT industry are subjected to much stress and they don’t know how to find a  vent to their feelings or when there is no adequate support from the family side.

What are the Ways Out? 

So, what is it we do at times like these? Not to bother. The mantra is “RELAX” to the maximum possible extent.

Coping with stress during covid-19

First thing extract yourself away from the scene of action so that you could breathe some fresh air.

Then think calmly and try to isolate the bug that is bothering you. Here the problem is the bug and analyse how far you have become vulnerable to the situation.

Gauge the amount of damage done and rate the problem in terms of ” recoverable by myself- no help needed”, ” recoverable- but with external support”. Remember, for every problem there is a solution.

It may not be tailor- made, but definitely passable with little bit of compromise from our end if necessary.

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Stress Management