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Why Employers Use Social Media Recruiting

Social Media Recruiting

Finding the right job is a herculean task and it reminds me of this saying,

“When you want to have something you’ve never had,

 You have to do something you’ve never done.”


Job Hunting:

I would rather use the term ‘Job Hunting’ than ‘Job Searching’ because competition is so much so that you feel lost in the crowd. The job market scenario does not look very appealing in spite of being well-qualified for the respective positions.

Everybody talks about ‘Cracking the Jobs with Hacking the Resumes’ and ‘Preparing a killer resume that is likely to pull you towards a dream job’.


social media recruting


The sad part of the story is, “Dream jobs never exist and how can you land on something that is not there?”

Of course, I go with you, ‘Resumes are indispensable for kick-starting the process; yet you need that extra something, which I would like to call the ‘J’ factor (people are getting bored of ‘X’ factor ‘J’ stands for job factor).


jobscreening in social media recruiting

Social Media Recruiting

Social Media Networking:

Let me put it simply; you have to get noticed to capture the plum job. Market yourself in such a way that recruiters can never say no.

Well, you guessed it right, “SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING” within quotes is the need of the hour and NOW-A-DAYS recruiters gauge the personality of the prospective candidates through social media networking sites like FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND LINKEDIN.

Are you a people-person?

Social media recruiting has become indispensable and most of the recruiting agencies overlook traditional channels like employment exchanges and classifieds and prefer the former source as the approach is more direct and focused.

If you have a well-built profile in Facebook or LinkedIn your chances of landing on an enterprising job is guaranteed. Further. if you are an active member of a LinkedIn group or a Google Community, you stand a bright chance to capture the attention of big recruiters searching for the right talent.

How prepared are you?

The question is ‘How prepared are you to link a bait’ and ‘What are your chances?’ Social media recruiting has become a routine process in most of the ‘top-most’ companies and if you are not aware of the significance, you have everything to lose.

Try to understand that, 40% of people socialize more online than they do face-to-face, 100.000 tweets are sent, 2 million queries are searched on Google and 684.478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook every minute. (Statistics courtesy- http://www.onrec.com/)

Bumper Benefits for the recruiter:

By using social media as a recruiting source companies straight away

  • Cut the exorbitant outsourcing bill payments to external HR agencies as this is completely free
  • Direct contact with the candidate and can assess his personality first hand
  • Word of mouth referrals through social media (Social media is modern day word of mouth marketing) do the companies and employers Himalayan good by making prospective candidates stand in queue before them which otherwise proves to be a tough and expensive task.
  • There is less spam as the communication is transparent that proves to be a win-win situation for both, the employer as well as the potential candidate
  • Employers can bang on their potential targets by clear-cut job specifications and LinkedIn proves to be the top most destinations for social media recruiters.
  • Social media recruiting fits companies of varying sizes and spheres
  • In a single click the employers and recruiters have access to almost all information needed to write an authentic ‘Biography’ about you. If LinkedIn profile supplies professional information, Facebook shows your personal side.

It raises a question though, ‘Are you social media-responsible?’, In other words ‘Are you behaving properly in the virtual space?

The Power of LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is authoritatively the most popular and giant network to find and evaluate candidates, with 94% of social media recruiting taking place here in 2013 alone. In 2013, social recruiting was responsible for finding 42% of applicants, and 14% of hires, whilst the same percentage of hires stayed with their respective companies for more than three years. Info Courtesy- http://www.kinesisinc.com/

The job-seekers have to register one thing strongly in their minds- the hirers start observing the social networking profiles of candidates very early in the process of screening. This means that job seekers need to have their online presence in order before they begin looking for a job.

P.S. Well, a coin has two sides; the HR department or the recruiting agencies should only try to use a potential candidate’s Facebook or LinkedIn profile to cross-check the authenticity of the profile and should not try to delve deep into his/her personal life.

There is a chance for creating a negative image on the company – Recently in US where companies started asking Facebook user ids and passwords from prospective employees created a rage and a negative impact on such companies.

The candidates also should visit the company websites and dig into reviews about the companies to have a fair idea about the culture and attitude of the employers. This will help them understand what to and what not to expect.