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5 Authentic Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

One reason that so many people want to work from their homes is that there is no need for a large financial investment to begin an online business.

One doesn’t need to invest heavily in product development. Those who have expertise in almost anything can begin by simply writing an e-book and promoting it or obtaining a website and promoting products that are produced by others.

5 authentic ways to make money with your blog

Think of the people who promote products that are produced by others as the “modern version of the old door-to-door salesman” except instead of knocking on one door at a time they knock on the doors of millions of people at the same time by way of the Internet.

The Internet isn’t called “The Information Super Highway” for nothing. A person can make a very good living selling nothing but information on it.

The populations of every industrialized nation in the world have learned that if you want to know anything about anything, you get on a computer and ask the question. They have also learned that you must pay for special information and they are more than willing to do just that.

A person who has special knowledge of a subject and could be considered a ‘guru’ has a market for selling that information on the Internet. All that needs to be done is to set up a website, publish the information, advertise and sell the information.

I Have Categorised Blog Revenue Generation Under Five Main Categories

  2. ADS

Did you know – You can make money from affiliates on day 1 after you launch your blog! Most large companies have affiliate program and when you sign up, you get a special link. If someone makes a purchase through your special link you stand to get a commission. These commissions range from a few pennies to over $100. 


I have compiled a list of popular companies that offer authentic affiliate programs:

  1. Amazon – You can recommend any product on Amazon and if your reader makes a purchase through your link, you get a commission.
  2. ShareASale
  3. Flexoffers
  4. Commission Junction
  5. Rakuten
  6. eBay
  7. Affibank
  8. Shutterfly
  9. Target
  10. Toys R Us
  11. StitchFix
  12. Bloomingdales
  13. BigLots
  14. Walmart
  15. TJMaxx
  16. Burlington
  17. Dillards
  18. Macys
  19. Clickbank

You have to make a call as to which affiliate program will suit your content niche and apply accordingly. So that you can seamlessly integrate the ads that will compliment your blog content.


When you build traffic to your blog you can get a steady stream of income from banners and advertisements on your blog. They are super easy to setup, but you need a fair amount of traffic to make money from this option.

  1. Google Ads
  2. Mediavine
  3. Sovrn
  4. AdThrive


There are numerous methods to offer your service online. From virtual voice lessons to exercise classes! Many bloggers do consulting or social media management to make money online. If you are a beginner, you could become a virtual assistant for a pro blogger and learn all there is to blogging while you are getting paid.

Okay…. Now the List of Services You Can Consider

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Consulting- in the area of your expertise
  3. Freelance Writer
  4. Proof-reading
  5. Online Coach
  6. Home Décor Personal Assistant
  7. Online Personal Stylist
  8. Facebook Live Exercise Classes (Instagram is a great way to collect subscriptions for your Facebook Page.)
  9. Voice Lessons (Use Skype or Google Hangout)
  10. Virtual Party Planner
  11. Cooking Assistant/ Recipe Reader
  12. Sleep Training For Babies
  13. Breastfeeding Support Group
  14. Working Mothers Coach and Motivator
  15. Healthy Living Coach
  16. Personal Diet Mentor
  17. Yoga or Pilates Live Classes

List of Email Marketing Services

Please understand that intelligent blogging first builds credibility and then generates leads. So, choose wisely before launching your blog having two important things in mind. One is the area in which you have expertise and the next being its popularity and demand amongst the online readers.

Proper research has to be done taking help from senior bloggers and resourceful persons is a vital thing for beginner bloggers.

Consistency is the key to success and once a solid subcription is built you can start offering online guidance through paid subscriptions.

Sponsored Posts

This is the most lucrative method of earning quick money. Companies love to pay bloggers to write about their products.

How I Make $100000 + on YouTube WITHOUT SHOWING MY FACE Using YouTube Automation!

Once you apply for sponsored posts you can get paid for writing a post about a company’s product. These sponsored posts can range from $50 to thousands depending on how large your blog and follower count is.

Here is a List of Companies That Offer Sponsored Post Opportunities

  1. Blogher
  2. The Blogger Network
  3. IZEA
  4. Mode Media
  5. Collectively
  6. Social Fabric
  7. The SITS Girls

It’s not just selfies, smoothies, and cute kittens out there! This is a serious return on investment. It’s making independent online store owners thousands.

Why?   Because Instagram posts gather more engagement than Facebook and Twitter combined. And it’s creating a new legion of independent tastemakers and influencers.


Eproducts like ebooks and online courses are super hot right now! If you have any skill (cooking, parenting, singing etc) you can create an eproduct and sell it online.

Many bloggers make thousands of dollars from products they create! People are hungry for information and if you have the capacity to give it to them at the right price and package, you are a winner.

A popular and profitable niche market example - Golden Retriever Puppies

Here’s the list of products you can sell online:

  1. Ebooks or courses
  2. Calligarphy Course
  3. Online Art Classes
  4. A Children’s Ebook
  5. Step by Step Exercise Videos for Postpartum Recovery
  6. Motivational Videos for Overwhelmed Moms
  7. Online Language Classes
  8. Healthy Recipe Ebooks
  9. Online Videos to Organize Each Part of Your Home
  10. Budegting Calcualtor
  11. Weight Loss Motivational Email Course
  12. Daily Affirmations
  13. Learn to Play an Instrument Course
  14. Dog Training Course
  15. Potty Training Ebook
  16. Time Management Course
  17. Public Speaking Course
  18. Discipline Your Child Ebook
  19. Money Saving Tips for New Parents
  20. Becoming Free From Debt Ebook
  21. Essential Oils Course
  22. Story Time Videos for Kids
  23. Speed Reading Ebook
  24. Increase Your Joy
  25. Emotional Intelligence Ebook
  26. How to Paint/Draft/ Craft
  27. Small Spaces Gardening Ebook
  28. Jewelry Making Video Course
  29. Dance Course
  30. Self Defense Video Course
  31. Marketing/ Business/ Leadership
  32. Photography Course
  33. How to use Photoshop/ Excel
  34. Learn How to Massage Course

Plan Your Blog to Be Profitable

  • List specific goals to achieve for each focus area of your blog.
  • Create profiles on each social media site that your audience hangs out and build a following.
  • Create freebies and include them in your blog posts with an opt-in form.
  • Ask your followers what their biggest challenge is and brain storm a product to help.
  • Create content and email sequences to encourage people to sign up for your product.
  • Look at what worked and what didn’t and plan for future products.
Pic Courtesy : Twins Mommy

Where to Look for the Right Product Online?

When you are just starting your online business finding the right products to sell online is the number one problem. Knowing where to look can help.

  1. Drop Shipper Directories: Drop shippers are wholesalers that will ship direct to your customers so that you don’t have to invest in or store inventory. Directories of drop shippers are for sale online, but make sure you’re buying a reputable one.
  2. Local Businesses: You may find businesses in your backyard that offer just the right products, but are not yet into e-commerce. Offer to sell their product online in exchange for a percentage of any profits you make.
  3. Crafters: Local crafters are a good source of unique products, and may be willing to reduce their prices for you if you purchase in quantity. Either buy the item outright, or set up a consignment arrangement with them.
  4. Garage sales and flea markets: G garage sales are a good place to look for items to sell online. Do some research into categories that interest you, and then start scouring sales for good prices.
  5. eBay: eBay itself can be a source for products. Look for wholesale lots that can be broken down for individual sale.
  6. Wholesaler Directories: Your local library will probably have directories of manufacturers, wholesalers, and/or distributors. Most directories are organized by SIC code so that you can zero in on the product categories that interested you.
  7. Trade Shows: Trade shows are a great way to source products. Lots of merchants gather in one place to look for resellers. To find trade shows in a particular industry, contact trade associations and industry publications.
  8. Importers/Exporters: You might want to consider contacting companies that import goods from overseas. It’s possible to source directly from overseas. This requires a lot of expertise, but many companies do it successfully.