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Best HR Apps For Your Business

Best HR Apps For Your Business Development

We all know how stressful a HR manager’s job could be. It is his department’s responsibility under his guidance to handle employee relations, payroll management, hiring and layoffs, rewards and remunerations, change and culture management. He can be compared to a mom who is always there to settle scores between son and father.

Though the job is definitely tiring in nature, time has come for HR managers to heave a sigh of relief thanks to innovative HR apps that significantly reduces their workload.

 HR apps for employee recruitment

Apps for Rescue

There are now apps that can completely take care of payroll management, network communication, project management, monitoring workforce leave, recruiting and performance management.

Think about it, how much of time will be saved if there is some technology that helps you in tracking the sales force performance metrics (especially in IT companies where there are hundreds of thousands of employees), attendance, payroll, etc.,

Today’s technological scenario is something to be awed at and not to be taken granted for. Small organizations should push themselves one step higher to leverage the functionality of innovative technology for their business development.


Big Data – The Big Boss

Data sits at the centre commanding all other entities to obey the rules laid by it. Even giants like Google can no more rely on their intuitions for decision making but rather go for numbers and information.

HR is no exception when it comes to adapting new technology. Why can’t companies dare to use new software services – afterall nothing is lost! When you are in a situation to scale up your operations on one end and manage the tight competition on the other, yet you would not opt for a change!  That does not make sense in any plausible manner.

Think Fast Act Faster

Let me introduce you to some of the interesting and enterprising HR apps (free as well as paid versions) that will give some room for HR managers to go for a long pending vacation with their family!

It is better to automate your HR functions and please, please think over and above MS Office.

Orange HRM:

OrangeHRM offers you flexibility and freedom to select from free and paid versions of OrangeHRM backed with specialized expertise. Their  HR modules cover core areas like payroll management, employee data management and many more. There’s the free option and paid enterprise version. And it’s all open source so if you have developers you can customize it to your heart’s content.

App from Hay Group:

Allows your managers to create job descriptions from a library of roles or generic templates defined by their experts, or you can completely start from scratch. Suggests the skills and behaviours needed for a role and gives feedback on job design so your managers know they’re on track.

Expense on Demand:

Expense On Demand will reduce the time needed to process expense claims by at least 50%. Claims are approved electronically and arrive in Finance department  fully coded, validated and approved ready to be paid.

Bamboo HR:

BambooHR combines  all of your employee information from all of your locations into a single view. You can then access, control, sort, analyze, and take action on the data instantly—from your office, the road or home.

Kim Rohrer Head of People Operations / Disqus says “BambooHR frees up more time for me to follow my passion in helping people do their jobs better”


Make recruiting your competitive advantage through this app that optimizes your entire recruiting process. Find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions.

I’m listing a set of links for you to go, explore and find for yourself the best HR apps that will suit your organization’s needs.

Recruitment Apps

  1. TargetRecruit
  2. JobScience 
  3. TalentRover
  4. HireVue
  5. Recruitng
  6. BullHorn
  7. LinkedInRecruiter
  8. MonsterForEmpoyers
  9. RecruitingNewsFeed
  10. TheLaddersRecruiter
  11. Betterteam.com They’re actually a recruiting software startup that lets small businesses post their job for free to 100+ job boards and track applicants.

If you’re a recruiter, having these apps is a requirement.  Not only is LinkedIn the primary place to find talent online, its search and sourcing functionalities are second-to-none.

These apps allow you to search and review profiles, manage your job postings, and save and add notes to candidate profiles.

So many other apps are available to manage, train and collaborate your workforce. Regardless of industry or company size, employee engagement matters— HR teams are going to need all the tools at their disposal to help improve it. With these apps and other Human Resources apps  you can start engaging your employees today.

This infographic clearly illustrates some fantastic mobile apps that come in handy for busy HR professionals:

must have apps for hr professionals