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How Social Media Influences Recruiting?


social media recruiting

Recruitment followed by hiring is a crucial and challenging task for any organization and human resource department acting as the hub for selecting the right candidates from the talent pool is always on a talent hunt. It is a herculean task to narrow down on the right prospect for every position and corporate companies most often outsource the job to leading recruiting companies having a large database to fill up corporate positions.

I was inspired from this read on Bdaily which highlights how social media has turned the recruiting process simple and hassle free. Social Networking Sites are not for personal use anymore; they are becoming a professional platform too.

There are more Pros than Cons

Today we use social media for everything from sharing what we have eaten for dinner to organising special events, but did you know that many companies also use it during the recruitment process?

Social media is an extremely useful tool for recruiters to use and here we are going to explain some of the ways it can assist them in hiring the right candidates to fill their vacancies.

How Social Media Influences Recruiting

It takes seconds to complete an enquiry of a professional nature whereas in the past, it would have taken days. Instant communication brings about obvious benefits and even more obvious pitfalls; so how does this all affect the world of recruitment? There are more pros than cons to those who work in recruitment when it comes to social media and some of them are quite surprising!

Using Social Media in the Recruiting Process

In the past job vacancies would usually be published in newspapers and job boards at community centres and local post offices. Today employers not only have the option to use online job websites to post their vacancies, but social media sites too.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ provide the perfect way for employers to advertise their vacancies to their target audience, particularly if they are aged between eighteen and thirty four.

Another benefit of posting job adverts on social media sites is that it is completely free to do so. Be sure to use hash tags and keywords to make it easier for individuals to find your adverts.

Today it is becoming more and more common for employers to share interview tips on their social media pages. Providing interview tips will help candidates to prepare and will therefore allow both parties to benefit from a better interview process.

Some of the tips you could share may relate to information about your company that candidates need to know or information regarding the type of interview you will be conducting, to give them an idea of what to expect on the day.

Social Media Helps Employers to Promote Their Brand

Finally, companies can use social media sites to improve their employer brands. The better you present yourself as an employer to potential candidates, the more they will want to work for you and not one of your competitors. A great way to strengthen your employer brand via social media is to publish content such as testimonials from your employees and behind the scenes footage (e.g. videos) of them at work.

Curated from Social media in the recruitment process | Bdaily Business News

Employees Look For Added Benefits

Hiring has now become a 24/7 process since at any point of time there are a few vacancies in a firm due to dearth of good employees. More than the pay, the prospective employees are on the look out for added benefits in the form of insurance, medical allowance and stock options.

Those companies in the higher echelon are focusing more and more on these aspects and this can be easily communicated through social media networks.

Why Bother? By helping people understand what it’s like to work at your organization, you can build a pipeline of talented people who are excited to come work for your organization… before you’ve even posted a job opening.

Sodexo provides quality of life services (that means things like food service and facilities management). In 2007, they started using social media to help spread the word about their culture. Because of their efforts, they’ve saved over $300,000 on traditional recruiting marketing. They’ve also seen a 25-percent increase in the number of candidates applying for their positions.