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Man Power Planning


What is the meaning of man power development?

This involves an accurate determination of the present and future man power needs of the enterprise.

Also the assessment of the right kind of organization structure both present and projected which determines the number and kinds of managers and workers required, is called for.


man power planning




1. Present Man Power Position Analysis: An assessment and evaluation of present man power position is the first step in the process which involves  data collection pertaining to name, age, educational qualification, training experience, specialized skills of the employees. This is done with the help of a man power inventory chart.


2. Man Power Inventory Chart:

a) An overview of the present staffing situation of the company is known

b) Prospective persons for promotion can be identified

c) Future internal supply of human resource can be found out

d) Lack of performance is pin pointed and either people can be replaced or trained suitably

e) People on the verge of retirement are identified and plans are made to recruit suitable people to replace them

f) People whose promotion is overdue but not implemented due  to internal politics can be identified and justice can be done by the management.



Pic Courtesy: SuccessFactors


3. Job Evaluation and Job Analysis: Job evaluation is a process to rate a job in the order of hierarchy and laying down specifications needed to carry out that job.

This would high light the following information

a) The nature of work done by the work force

b) The method employed by them to do it

c) The skills, education and training required to do it

d) How a particular job is related to other jobs

e) What are the physical environmental conditions to accomplish the task effectively

After careful analysis a neat job description can be prepared for each job which would cover the following details.


4. Job Description:

a) Name or title of the job

b) Nature of duties and operations to be performed

c) Authority, responsibilities and accountability

d) Necessary qualification i.e., education, skills, training, experience etc.



Pic Courtesy: Indiamart


5. Assessment of Long term and Short term Goals: The goals whether short term or long term is decided by the market demand, and sales forecasts.

Determining these goals gives the company a clear picture as to where it is headed for in the future and the kind of man power requirement to satisfy the enterprise objectives.


6. Demand of Supply of Personnel: The demand for Labor is very high as we all know and it is  inevitable for the organization to keep track in terms of man power inventory and requirement of present and future.

You cannot hire any X, Y OR Z for a particular job. Inter departmental transfers can provide a temporary solution if a void is created for a specific position but it will not work out in the long run.


“The ultimate objective of man power planning is to fill the demand and supply gap.”