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Personnel Power

Personnel or Human Resource Management: is the strategic approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets – the people.

Human resource is always in great demand as competent or skilled labor is in short supply. It is important to remember that no one is born with the value of excellence, as the acquisition is gradual in nature and only possible through proper training and one’s own cognitive perception. It is not that people have to belong to the elite group to make their mark in the respective fields.

The best leaders and managers often are ordinary people creating amazing results and astounding success.

personnel power

Try some of these golden etiquettes for achieving excellence in the management of human resource:

  • Clear objectives have to be set with the consensus of the employees
  • Recognize the progress
  • Confront problems
  • Manage with flexibility
  • Understand the value of quality
  • Manage time for better results
  • Enhance decision-making skills by delegating authority
  • Master stress
  • Motivate people
  • Think like a winner
  • Pursue a participative style of leadership

To achieve the goals of the organization, the HR department will have to reorient itself on the following lines.

It is very important that ‘Right people are chosen for the Right job’. During the induction stage, employee attitudes must be shaped in harmony with the culture of the organization.

Dynamic training system should be introduced which is supposed to be a continuous process rather than a sporadic exercise.

HR quote by tony robbins

Quality of Work Life:

Organization should ensure satisfactory quality of work life in order to minimize the sense of alienation, found in the workplace.

It should contribute to an atmosphere to improve self-discipline, self-motivation and self realization for the purpose of production optimization in terms of both quantity and quality.

The presence of a fair performance appraisal system will facilitate the growth prospects of employees in terms of career advancement and development.

Fair Compensation:

Institutions must work out a fair compensation package for all categories of workmen so that they may be able to receive the living wages instead of subsistence-level wages.

The accent should be on production and productivity, without any compromise. Opportunities are aplenty, particularly for experienced personnel as the industries offer wide job prospects for the prospective candidates.

Now-a-days job hopping is rampant which is a serious issue to be managed. A number of organizations offer bonus in the form of stock that interjects a feeling of oneness, which ensures alignment of interest between employees and the management.

Favored position in terms of enhanced performance from the work force is possible only if the management comes down to embrace and lend their ears to certain rational demands form the other end.

  • Security of Employment

  • Increased wages

  • Employee ownership

  • Participation and employment

  • Internal promotions

  • Information sharing

  • Incentives etc.,

The personnel function can

1) Attract attention to indicate the importance attached to management’s process and the various policies, practices and systems that support the process.

2) Provide necessary information and expertise on best practices in rival companies to benchmark the process and provide with analytical support for diagnosing and recounting solutions to problems arising in the employee management relation.

3) Engage in business decisions and accelerate change that is consistent with the underlying values of the company.


The laws and matters relating to wages and bonus come under the purview of the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

The Minimum Wages Bill was passed by the Indian Dominion Legislature and came into force on 15th March, 1948.