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How to Find a Job You Love (Not for Billionaires)

How to find a job you love and do it with passion (not for people who want to become billionaires)

a. Self-Discovery:  Try to find out what kind of activities you enjoy doing the most and explore if you could turn that hobby or free time activity into a revenue generating source. When you do something with the single aim of earning money or generating profit, an unnecessary pressure comes and sits on your shoulder and presses you down.

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For example, if you like music, you could set up a band with like-minded individuals. You may ask how you can even compare the sophistication of a blue collar job with this kind of free-lancing. The issue here is job satisfaction and ultimately the effect of job dis-satisfaction on your health physically or mentally (Of course both are inter-related).

If you love gardening, you can always set up a nursery and serve your community. Procure unique saplings and educate the masses on how to keep a small garden. And believe me, people are longing for green atmospheres and there is always scope for you to extend your services into landscaping.

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How to do something that  you love

Finding the Job You Love

b. Personal Identity: The highlight of doing something that you love for a living is that, it reflects your personal identity. Try finding a way to make money doing the things you like to do. Quit doing a job that creates mental and /or physical problems and gauge whether it is directly associated to your job dis-satisfaction.

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c. Simplify Your Life: Simplify your life so you need less money, allowing you to engage in activities that are satisfying to you, even if they make little or no money. This works out well if you are a single/unmarried person, but when you raise a family it becomes a tough task to make the ends meet and you may start doubting your own abilities to make money. Modern world with all the technological advancements has made man lethargic and technology-dependent. Your son/daughter may not go with your ideas and treat you as an alien if you want to be any different from others.

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We are able to see a lot of people who work for the IT industry suffering due to their weird work-hours, mental pressure and work-life imbalance. People at one point want to break the hell loose and get out of the monotony. Our education system also plays a big role in shaping the destiny of the future generation. Youngsters must be encouraged to pursue something they are good at and are willing to do.

This is all easier said than done.  But you will know you have found the right path for yourself when you get up each morning eager to face the day to do the things you like doing and which financially support you.

This article is written based on the publication of Prof. Sydney Ross Singer, Medical Anthropologist. To see his posts on academia.edu visit this link – https://killerculture.academia.edu/SydneyRossSinger